Google Ad Grant Deactivated?

First, deep breath. Was your Google Grant Deactivated? The Google Ad Grant team has been way more active in recent months in making sure that nonprofits are keeping their end of the bargain as part of the Google for Nonprofit program. We saw a wave of nonprofits receive email notifications that their Google Ad Grant accounts have been deactivated. There are a number of reasons this could happen and it is no longer possible to ignore the requirements to maintain an active account.

If you were one of those organizations that have had your $10,000 a month in free advertising deactivated, then don’t worry. Media Cause is a certified Google Partner. We can help get your account back up and running. More importantly, we can help come up with an effective strategy to turn those free ad dollars into impact for your organization.

Google Grant Deactivated


Request to reactivate Ad Grants account

Before you request to reactivate your Ad Grants account, please ensure you’ve checked the following:

  • Do any of your active keywords have a low quality score of 1 or 2 (of 10)?  To prevent a future account disruption, create an automated rule to pause low quality score keywords automatically.
  • Are any of your active keywords non-approved single-word keywords or generic with low landing page experience quality?
  • Are your campaigns geo-targeted to your organization’s scope of service?
  • Is your account-level CTR for active keywords now above 5% for the last 7 days of account activity?  If not, improve CTR with these tips.
  • Do you have at least 2 text ads per enabled ad group, at least 2 ad groups per enabled campaign, and active sitelinks?
  • Did you fill out the annual survey sent to registered emails on your account?  Did you enter your valid customer ID?
  • Does your website comply with policies?

If you have checked each of the above areas and modified your account to comply with Ad Grants policies, you may request reinstatement.

Still having issues? Reach out to Media Cause for help on steps to get your account reactivated. We look forward to helping.

Looking for more Ad Grant tips? Download our free guide.

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