Google for Nonprofits Canada

Google for Nonprofits Canada Partnered with TechSoup

For nonprofits in Canada, an additional step has been added to the application process regarding Google for Nonprofits.  As of June, 2014 Google for Nonprofits in Canada has partnered with TechSoup, a nonprofit cloud based verification service that works with NGOs & NPOs worldwide.  This is an exciting development for nonprofits in Canada since it will help streamline the application process and hopefully bring approvals much quicker.

As per usual, the Business Number provided by the Canada Revenue Agency must be handy.  But before you apply for the Google for Nonprofits Canada, you must first register your Business Number with TechSoup here.  Once you receive a confirmation (which can take up to three weeks but these guys are pretty efficient and timely)  next step is applying for the Google for Nonprofits Canada Apps here.  The good folks at Google will then verify your nonprofit status with TechSoup and, assuming you met all the other qualifications, you’ll be good to go!

Of course some folks aren’t endowed with all the time in the world.  We’re here to help if you need assistance!

Let’s also not forget the most sought after benefit of Google for Nonprofits Canada — Google Ad GrantsClick here for a free guide in applying and building an Ad Grant account.


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