Getting Ready for Year-End: Four Tips for Better Fundraising


It’s that time of year when everyone is finally back in the office and thinking about year-end fundraising. It’s never too soon to start, really.

Ideally, you’ve spent the year acquiring new leads, nurturing current leads, doing great work and communicating about that great work via all of the channels that are available to you. Not so much? Uh oh. Check out our approach to fundraising.

Four Tips for Successful Year-End Digital Fundraising


So, year-end. This is when all your hard work pays off — through donations big and small. Whether you are encouraging crowdfunding, company match, membership renewals, gifts or donations, these four tips will help you build out a full-suite digital campaign.

1 – Analyze Your Lists for Cross-Platform Opportunities


Look at your various newsletter, donor and supporter email lists. Look for cross-overs, redundancies and unsubscribes. Take your cleaned up lists and leverage these for your campaign using tools to target your specific email file on high-performance digital advertising platforms (Facebook, Google Display, Twitter).

2 – Democratize Your Accomplishments


How do you know what to craft your campaign around? Look through your social media and email campaigns. What themes emerge from the most engaging social posts and emails? By celebrating the things that your base likes to celebrate, you will facilitate more year end giving.

3 – Use Remarketing. Now.


If you are not already using remarketing, now is the time to get started. Placing remarketing code on your website will allow you to segment your social media advertising. You want to identify people who are already engaging with you and are therefore are more likely to donate to your organization.

Remarketing will also be helpful throughout the course of the campaign itself. Especially because it will help you identify, segment and communicate with those who come in to donate but did not complete a transaction.

4 – Build Out a Full Digital Campaign


Start with your landing pages first, then build out all your imagery, then your copy. Factor in variations and testing metrics.



That includes utilizing:

  • Email:
    • 2 Week Activation & Ask Series
    • Accomplishment and Gratitude Series
  • Social Media:
    • Custom audiences based on your lists
    • Lookalike audiences based on your lists
    • Remarketing advertising
    • Current followers
    • Targeted potential supporters
  • Display:
    • Custom audiences based on your lists
    • Remarketing advertising
    • Targeted potential supporters
  • Ad Grant:
    • Keyword based campaigns
    • Branded campaigns
  • On-Site Content:
    • Clear accomplishment pages
    • Lightboxes and slide-ins with CTAs (calls to action)
    • Optimized transaction pages

If you’d like some help with your year-end fundraising, get in touch with us for full-service digital campaign strategy and execution.


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