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Finding Key Insights from Google Ad Grants Data for Nonprofits

Google Ad Grants (AdWords for nonprofits) is the single strongest, most cost-efficient resource any digital marketer in the nonprofit space can use to reach a broader audience. Google’s Ad Grants program generously provides nonprofits with up to $40k per month in free search advertising – nearly half a million dollars a year!

For many nonprofit marketers, the intricacy of Google Analytics can be overwhelming and time consuming. Even if used well, the immense amounts of data can be too vast to derive meaningful insights for broader marketing strategies. Thus, many nonprofits are unable to take full advantage of free search engine marketing provided through Google Ad Grants.

google ad grants

Fortunately, Media Cause provides Google Ad Grants support to nonprofits at an affordable rate. Nonprofits working with Media Cause average over 60 times more value on Google Ad Grants than the industry average. Three factors help contribute to our success: 1) deep insight into a mission’s goals and content; 2) insight into the key search opportunities; 3) tools that help us make strategic data-based decisions.

Megalytic, an analytics reporting software, has been extraordinarily helpful for Media Cause, as well as for thousands of digital marketing professionals around the world in making strategic data-based decisions. The tool provides fast and insightful analytics reports in an easy to read framework.

Media Cause president Cody Damon explains,

Megalytic gives us the efficiency to make the best use of data in a way that makes search engine marketing more insightful and affordable to our nonprofit clients.”

Today (June 24, 2015), Megalytic announced a new development that allows customers to directly connect their Google AdWords accounts with their Megalytic account. This innovation will result in improved paid search reporting capabilities and accuracy.

google ad grants

Additionally, users will now have access to a library of customizable AdWords-specific widgets. These widgets have a variety of functions, such as presenting different metrics, displaying alternate chart types, comparing against past performance and much more.

google ad grants

The Google AdWords functionality in Megalytic provides us with high-quality reports, full of key insights that help to drive our clients’ broader digital strategies,” says Damon. “I am routinely amazed by Megalytic’s attention and responsiveness to our agency’s needs.”

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