Facebook for Nonprofits launch

Facebook Launches Facebook for Nonprofits – What You Need to Know

Great news! Facebook finally launched Facebook for Nonprofits this afternoon. Cue the happy the dance….


What You Need to Know About Facebook for Nonprofits

Kudos to you, Facebook. You did a good job creating an informative resource for nonprofits. Their well-designed website outlines ways nonprofits can get started, build awareness, activate supporters and raise funds. Our favorite part is seeing the Media Cause build-engage-activate model in action, because it works.

The website also includes several “how to” sections. Here are the most crucial bits for your nonprofit to make the most of the new features today.

4 Tips to Get Started Today

Whether you’re a full-time social community manager managing Facebook for years or just getting started, these four tips will help you make the most of Facebook for Nonprofits.

TIP #1 Get a Head Start from Your Email List.Facebook for Nonprofits connect to email contacts

You can invite users to your Facebook page straight from your email list. Pretty cool, right? Any campaign is going to be much more powerful if your supporters are on BOTH your email list AND your Facebook page. Make sure you have retargeting pixels set up!

TIP #2 Layer Messaging to Activate Supporters.

As you all know, engaging supporters and getting them to take an action isn’t always the easiest task. This is where messaging strategy comes in. Getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time is KEY. Break down your mission, demonstrate need and use photos. Facebook does a good job of listing out ‘small asks’ before the bigger ask for donation.

TIP #3 Leverage On-page Donate Buttons.

This is my favorite section! Facebook has created two designated sections just for Fundraising and tools. You can also apply for fundraising pages, which is still in beta and being gradually rolled out. Important: make sure your page’s category is set to “Non-profit Organization”.

I still wish Facebook would create Facebook Ad Grants, but overall they have done a pretty good job creating features exclusively for nonprofits.

Facebook for Nonprofits Call to Action

Tip #4 The Build – Engage – Activate Model Works.

For Facebook to be effectively used for fundraising, you have to invest in your community. That means time to attract supporters to your page, content to engage and a ‘small-ask’ strategy to get your supporters used to buying into your organization’s activities. Facebook is also finally admitting it – you need a multi-touch campaign. That means a coordinating email, a landing page and/or a larger media strategy.

Need help using Facebook, crafting your messaging or activation strategies? That’s what we do.

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