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Fight to End Ageism with Rally Starter

A recent AARP survey revealed a staggering statistic—78% of older workers saw or experienced ageism in the workplace. On the other end of the spectrum, nearly 42% of advertising professionals under the age of 30 have also reported experiencing ageism—or what the Ageism in Adland study calls “youthism.”


Why We Need to End Ageism

Ageism—whether in the form of discriminating against older employees or younger ones—denies everyone involved the benefit of learning from each other and being recognized for their strengths. 

  • Ageism costs companies. Age-related biases may prevent employees from being put on a project even though they have the expertise for it, which can, in turn, lead to employee frustration and high turnover.
  • Ageism creates homogeneity. And with it, a lack of diversity in ideas and perspectives, which can lead to a failure to innovate and grow.
  • Ageism reduces the talent pool. Ageism makes it hard for people to switch jobs or industries, significantly limiting opportunities for applicants and reducing the applicant pool for employers. 


Age discrimination hurts us all, but unfortunately, negative stereotypes around generational terms such as Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers are very common to hear.

Here’s the good news—we can take action to help end ageism in the workplace. No matter your level at work, you can take action to ensure that you’re helping to create a more inclusive work environment. While pledges are often mostly symbolic, they are an important signal of intent and serve as an educational resource to raise awareness. Rally against ageism and take the pledge below! 




Alongside signing the pledge, we’ve also included actions to take a stance against 30 under 30 and similar age-related lists by emailing and tweeting editors to remove the focus on age. Adding additional actions helps campaigns create more impact by building multiple paths for change. Learn how you can take further action against ageism.

Bringing Digital Advocacy to the Masses with Rally Starter

Our ageism campaign is a part of our newly released advocacy tool, Rally Starter. In addition to the ageism rally, we’ve also created several campaigns in response to recent news events—see our campaigns to Urge the Senate to Save Abortion Access, Boycott the NRA, and Pressure Companies to End Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation Funding.

All too often people are upset by issues plaguing the world but not sure where to begin. Rally Starter gives power to the people to effectively mobilize and use their voices to create change. It is designed to make online advocacy accessible to even the most novice activists and is free to use for individuals and nonprofits with small budgets.  

Rally Starter goes beyond building petitions to create change. In less than 15 minutes, you can create a campaign to mobilize supporters to call, email, and tweet key decision-makers in one click. Supporters can also add their own personal messages to create a more powerful campaign. 



There’s the quote that goes, “I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something. Then I realized I am somebody.” 

What will you rally for? Start a campaign on Rally Starter today!


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