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Is Advertising on Content Networks Effective for Driving Leads?

Hitting a wall with advertising on social networks like Facebook or search networks like Google? Want to try something new and see if you can drive down that CPA? We did, and we turned to content advertising. 

Enter Taboola, a content discovery network that works to get your content recommended on some of the Web’s most visited sites. Along with Outbrain, these content networks can be gamechangers for your content marketing.

What is “Content Advertising” and How Does it Work?

If you’ve ever browsed a news site on the web, then you’ve most likely seen something titled “Content You May Like” or “Recommended Articles.” Taboola places thumbnail images and attention-grabbing headlines in these sections to entice users to click through to their client’s content, whether it’s a landing page on a website or social media page. This is called Content Advertising, Content Discovery or Promoted/Sponsored Content.

content advertising with Taboola Ads

What We Like About It

  1. It puts content first. If your organization relies on strong content to tell your marketing story, networks like Taboola are great for promoting longer form content such as blogs, articles or major reports.
  2. It’s a self-service platform. We always prefer self-service, because you can choose targeting options, build out campaigns, and optimize all along the way. You know exactly what you’re getting into and can control everything in the dashboard.
  3. It’s cost-effective. Taboola uses a cost-per-click model, and competes with both social and Google network prices with CPC’s well under $1. Another added benefit: you can stop your campaigns at any time.
  4. It’s an easy way to advertise on big name websites. Taboola works with USA Today, New York Times, TMZ,, and BusinessInsider, to name a few. You can pick and choose which platforms you’d like to advertise on, or let their algorithm do the work.
  5. It allows you to monetize your own website content. Have great blog posts that you know will drive conversions? A video that tells your organization’s story? Taboola lets you showcase your best content and test which content pieces will drive the most ROI with different audiences.

Planning to try Taboola? Let us know how it goes! Tweet @MediaCause with your results or reach out for help with content advertising on content discovery networks using the form below.


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