Digital Marketing for Small Nonprofits

There are no “one size fits all” approaches to marketing. This is particularly true with strategies for digital marketing for small nonprofits. Emerging organizations have a unique set of challenges when building their marketing foundation: (1) smaller budgets, (2) lack of staff resources, (3) need for strategic guidance. For the past 8 years, Media Cause has worked to best understand these challenges and help hundreds of nonprofits of all sizes create impactful digital marketing programs. During this time, we have developed frameworks and services that are specifically designed for smaller organizations to achieve success.

We are delighted to announce the launch of Media Cause Rise – a collection of results-driven digital marketing services created specifically for emerging nonprofits. You get the best of our knowledge, understanding, and hands-on platform experience–in a smaller, more affordable package.

Through these specific services, digital marketing for small nonprofits no longer needs to seem overwhelming. Media Cause Rise will launch with four core services to help organizations build their digital foundation.


When will more services be available?

We’re working hard to bring more low cost, high impact services to Media Cause Rise. Our initial program includes four core offerings designed to provide the greatest immediate value, with dozens more in the works. From digital audits to creative and strategy services, we’ve planned for Media Cause Rise to deliver a complete suite of marketing solutions for organizations looking to build a solid digital foundation.

Is Rise a self-service platform?

No, not in the usual sense. We created Rise to allow smaller-budgeted nonprofits to leverage Media Cause services and experience–at a lower cost than our traditional agency model–by offering specialized tactics that can be executed with minimal effort on your end and maximum focus on ours. Once you’re accepted to the program, you’ll begin the onboarding process with a Rise account coordinator, who’ll ask for your help to get all the information and resources we need to succeed. Then, your team of Media Cause experts (real people!) will get to work behind the scenes to create the scalable solutions you need to reach your goals.

Ready to get started?

Media Cause Rise is specifically designed to address the challenges of digital marketing for small nonprofits. There is a short application to complete to make sure your organization is eligible for these low cost services. If accepted, the team at Media Cause will partner with you to begin building your digital foundation. Let’s rise together!

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