Digital Marketing for Animal Advocacy Organizations

We know the animal advocacy space. We’ve worked with leading animal rights and welfare organizations and have passionate animal lovers, vegetarians, and vegans on staff. While there is no “one size fits all” approach to digital marketing for animal advocacy, these organizations have a unique set of challenges when building their digital marketing foundations: (1) challenging preconceived notions to inspire behavior change; (2) crafting the right messaging to find and grow audiences; (3) bringing the movement together under a common goal of ending the exploitation of animals; and (4) limited budgets and lack of staff resources. For the past 8 years, Media Cause has worked to understand these challenges and work closely with animal advocates, activists, and organizations to create a more compassionate world.

Introducing cause-based teams.

Cause is in our name and in our DNA. Combining passions with skill sets, we’re excited to launch cause-based teams at Media Cause, starting with the animal advocacy sector. Our goal: to save and improve more animal lives by helping more people and organizations across the space grow their impact. This is the first of a series of issue-focused teams launching at Media Cause. You get all of our services, but with deeper knowledge of your cause and the challenges that organizations like yours face.

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We’ve done this before.

Through our work with VegFund, we empowered a leading funder of vegan activists to improve the effectiveness of online grantees through digital marketing skills training – and by developing a new system of measurement to benchmark behavior change.

Working with the Rich Roll and Lighter teams on the Plantpower Meal Planner, we inspired hundreds to adopt a plant-based diet through digital advertising and lead generation.

Ready to get started?

Animal rights. Animal welfare. Plant-based living. Our services are specifically designed to address the myriad of challenges across the animal advocacy space. We work hand-in-hand with you to grow your organization’s impact. Let’s grow together!

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Luke Dringoli, Account Director

Luke is an Account Director in Media Cause’s Boston office. He’s been vegetarian since 2015 and vegan since 2016. He made the switch after reading about factory farms and animal behavior in Jonathan Safran Foer’s book Eating Animals. He realized that the dog he shared his home with was no different than the animals he’d been putting on his plate. He believes that the movement for animal rights and welfare is strengthened when real impact drives decision-making. Luke is a new father and is raising his son to treat all forms of life with love and compassion.

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