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Young Women in Digital Marketing Conference 2018

Meetings, deadlines, presentations, oh my!

Everyone knows that feeling on a Friday afternoon and you can’t remember what you ate for lunch or if you actually did that ONE thing on your to-do list that you had been reminding yourself of all week.

These types of weeks are when it’s crucial to find the time to close out the spreadsheets and step away from your desk. Take a moment to reset, learn something new, or connect with someone in your industry or network.

A group of Media Cause gals planned to do just that. Last week, we attended the first ever Young Women in Digital Marketing Conference at Google’s headquarters in Boston [Check out the tweets here]. We had the amazing opportunity to hear from women leading digital, social, and human resources teams at Hubspot, PEOPLE Magazine, Buzzfeed, Eastern Bank, Reebok, Twitter, and more.

So if you weren’t able to attend, or if you need something for your dose of Monday Motivation, we’ve got you covered:

Here’s the best advice we heard on digital marketing:

Testing is very important when bringing new platforms to life for your brand. Get out of your comfort zone – try new digital channels or content formats, and be ready to let your followers tell you what’s working and what’s not.

When it comes to digital marketing, listen to the data but trust your instincts. Data can tell you different stories depending on the way that you look at it.

Great brands on Twitter create impact. Brands need to be what’s happening, by tapping into personal and cultural moments with the platform.

Messaging will be the most robust channel for marketing for the next 5-7 years. Hello chatbots!

Lastly, content is a language. We loved learning about Buzzfeed’s approach to content through “cultural cartography.” When planning and creating content, ask yourself – what purpose does this piece serve for the intended audience?

Here are some stellar professional tips that resonated with us:

Remember to open doors for other people when you can.

Be the type of employee that people want to hire and mentor by fostering these traits:

  • Owning a relentless curiosity of the world around you
  • Self-awareness of what you know and don’t know, and the ability to seek out the answers
  • The ability to create a movement, and to get people to want to be a part of your mission
  • Wanting to blow through walls and create something big and meaningful

“Stop rationalizing why you don’t deserve it. Rationalize why you do!” This was in reference to women in the workforce being too modest about their accomplishments and not asking for what they deserve. Throughout the digital marketing conference, we definitely felt the strong collective energy of being in a room full of digital-savvy ladies, sharing in our experiences and knowledge, ready to crush our next goal.  

“Confidence is a muscle, everyone has it but you have to work it and make it stronger. It is linked to aspiration.” Katie Burke, Hubspot’s Chief People Officer, reminded us to practice our “Beyonce walk” when you head into that conference room. In other words, own your presence.

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