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Digital Advocacy Team – create impact through outsourced collaboration

Is your organization staffed to win the fight for attention, the fight for mobilization and action?


We see the job postings, and the immediate need for adding infrastructure to build capacity. We’re offering a solution. Announcing the Media Cause Digital Advocacy Embed Team. Instead of the time and resources required to bring on a team of full-time staff, consider hiring Media Cause staffers to embed directly into your advocacy and digital teams. By using a fractional employee billing model, you can afford to get a full team of people that fill all the skill set needs. Don’t settle for one person. Get everything from a full-service agency, dedicated to the social impact space.

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A new landscape

There are no sidelines in 2020. Like you, Media Cause has been working tirelessly as our country, and the world around us, has arrived at a crossroads. We are inundated with messaging that pits democracy versus demagoguery, us versus them, hate versus truth, otherness versus compassion. It’s time we fight back. We are in a new world of communications. Twitter is a battleground state. Facebook supplies talking points. Communications platforms, particularly digital ones, have been weaponized to spread deceit, false narratives, or more to the point, lies. The modern digital public sphere equates virality with the truth. Whomever gets their message out there more, regardless of its veracity, wins. But we can win, together.

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