Diversity, Equity, + Inclusion

Media Cause is committed to building and supporting a diverse, equitable, and inclusive agency

At Media Cause, we accelerate the impact of organizations and people doing good in the world. But doing good isn’t just about the work— it’s also about how we run our business. Creating an agency that is diverse, equitable and inclusive is at the heart of our core values:

We seek out and embrace diversity within our team and our clients, not just to fight for a more equitable world but also to learn from different experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives of others around us.

Cultural Diversity at Media Cause

Working exclusively in the social impact sector, we recognize the importance of having staff that is representative of the populations that our teams and our clients serve. We know that when we have more people with more perspectives, our conversations get smarter and our ideas get better.

We’re committed to fostering a company culture that embraces diversity and celebrates our differences, where employees who come from all walks of life are able to be their authentic selves. This presence and support of differences, including ethnicity, gender, educational background, religion, age, and nationality help foster a community of inclusion that encourages growth and success, both as individuals and as a team.

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Supporting DEI Through Our Client Work

At Media Cause we serve nonprofits and the social impact community. Our work is designed to create more awareness and drive change for organizations that are fighting on the front lines. In recent years we’re proud to have assisted with the following achievements:

  • Through our marketing and fundraising efforts, we helped Pathfinder International provide over 10,000 women in refugee camps with sexual and reproductive healthcare.
  • We helped over 4,500 low-income families enroll their child in an outstanding free, public charter school called Uncommon School in New York and Boston.
  • Through a highly targeted, multi-touchpoint advertising strategy, we helped Year Up recruit more than 17,000 young adults to take the first step in gaining the skills, experience, and support they need to reach their full professional potential.
  • We helped The Kurdish Project reach over 1M people through social media to help cultivate a better understanding between the West and Kurdish culture.
  • Through a targeted multi-campaign, we worked alongside ACLU Northern California to educate and mobilize voters—activating 2,696 voters who pledged to vote in just 5 weeks.

Our commitments and initiatives that support a diverse, inclusive, and equitable work environment

Diversity in Recruiting

  • Prioritize advertising on diverse job boards
  • Partner with organizations that focus on diversity and workforce development in recruitment, including working with COOP for our Fellowship
  • Roles open to all educational backgrounds (including no college attended) to eliminate education bias in hiring
  • Fair and equitable offers based on experience & skills
  • Bias training for everyone at the agency to have everyone involved in the interview process
  • Prioritize blind recruiting where possible

Inclusive Company Culture

  • Flexible work hours and work from home policy to support family and personal lives
  • Internal trainings and employee education days
  • Individual annual professional development budgets open to all for continued DEI education
  • Book club with a focus on social issues
  • Quarterly mental health days to recharge and reset
  • Internal program called the Idea Board to encourage input into business decisions from everyone at the agency

Equitable + Transparent Career Growth

  • Full salary ranges shared internally: We believe transparency in salaries helps improve trust with employees
  • Comprehensive + objective competencies by role to chart career growth possibilities
  • Optional semi-annual raise your hand for the promotion process: empower employees to take the next step

Agency Accountability

  • Annual gender pay metrics and ethnicity pay metric coming early 2021
  • Industry DEI pledges (3% Pledge for Pay Equity, AdLand Equity Pledge)
  • Annual DEI Outcome/Key Result goals with quarterly updates
  • Semi-annual DEI employee pulse surveys that help inform top priorities
  • Internal DEI committee to support and inform initiatives

2020 Internal Initiative Highlight: RiseUP Fellowship Program

RiseUP is a purpose-driven marketing fellowship that aims to elevate diversity, access, and impact across the marketing and advertising industries, while also helping more nonprofits get the pro bono support they need to achieve their greater good.