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Short on Time? Use Custom Dashboards to Monitor Website KPIs

If your typical day goes something like the following, then this blog post is for you:

It’s 9:00 AM, you blink, and suddenly the clock says 5:00 PM! Your “to do” list has grown in size and you’ve had about 3 cups of coffee (maybe more). We’ve all been there, right?

On jam-packed days, it can feel seemingly impossible to find the time to step back and analyze the effectiveness of your digital platforms like your website. As a result, this blog post will focus on using custom dashboards in Google Analytics to quickly and efficiently assess meaningful website KPIs.

Metrics that Matter to You

With the vast amount of data that Google Analytics provides about your website, it can often feel overwhelming to figure out where to start or even where to look. While all of this data helps paint an intricate picture of your website’s health, it’s important to focus on the metrics that matter to your organization.

Wouldn’t it be great to have all of your important data points together in one single location, rather than sifting through Google Analytics? Introducing: custom dashboards.

Custom Dashboards: A Time Saving Solution

Custom dashboards are a great way to assemble all of the data points that are important to your organization in one location. For example, if you’d like to continuously track metrics such as goal conversions, traffic sources and bounce rates, you could create a single dashboard that showcases all of this information – in fact, up to 12 “widgets,” or metrics. Custom dashboards also show you up-to-date data that matters most to you in a clean and simple manner, saving time and frustration!

Note: Each view / property in your Google Analytics account can have up to 20 custom dashboards.

Follow these easy instructions to create your custom dashboards:

  1. Log in to Google Analytics
  2. Ensure you are in the correct property / view
  3. Navigate to “Customization” on the left-hand pane
  4. Click “Dashboards”
  5. SImply hit “create” and get started!

You can choose to either start from scratch (blank canvas), use a starter template, or import a pre-made template from the gallery.

Meaningful Reports Delivered Right To Your Inbox

Worried you’ll forget to check in on your website KPIs? Schedule a report to be emailed to yourself at a frequency of your choosing, in just 3 easy steps!

  1. Click into the custom dashboard you’d like emailed to you
  2. Click “email” in the top navigation
  3. Enter your email address, choose your frequency (once, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly) and click “send”

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