What Creativity Looks Like at Media Cause: Part 2

This piece is the second of a four-part series we’ll be sharing over the month of April on the creative rituals we use at Media Cause to stay inspired and deliver the most impactful work possible. This second installment explores what creativity and creative rituals can look like in each of our Boston, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Washington, DC offices. 

Creative Refresher

In case you didn’t read part one, here’s a recap: Twyla Tharp says her daily ritual of going to the gym is complete the moment she gets in the cab. Warren Berger says, “If you’re human, you’re creative.” But making time for creativity (i.e. “getting in the cab”) can be challenging… and also super important. So how do we do that at Media Cause? In part one, I shared some ways we foster creativity as an agency. But creativity can take many forms, and looks a little different at each of our offices.

Part 2: Creativity from Coast to Coast

Boston Office: Offsite Meetings

Folks at the Boston office like to switch up their office environment, and not just the time when the air conditioning stopped working 😉 Even when the conference rooms aren’t in high demand, the Boston team makes an effort to regularly get out of the office and have conversations over coffee. Sarah Swan, Media Cause Marketing mastermind, shared a pretty awesome example of a recent “offsite meeting”: “Cody took me to the Institute of Contemporary Art recently during the workday. We blocked off about an hour and a half. He has a membership there and goes probably once a month.” Going “offsite” allows for the change of pace, and environment, that can lead to more creative ideas (and more inspired employees).


San Francisco: “Wednesday BYO Lunch”

At Media Cause, we often find that the best ideas and conversations happen in the unstructured time when we’re away from our desks and “decompressing”. The San Francisco office has a standing BYO lunch every Wednesday, which helps break up the “hump day” and gives us the chance to take a break from our busy schedules to catch up with one another—to discuss what we’re working on, what we’re learning, what challenges we’re having, as well as life outside of work 🙂 Plus, taking a break from work and focusing on something entirely different can lead to those “eureka moments” like Newton and the apple, or Archimedes and the bathtub.


Wednesday lunch at the SF office

Atlanta: “SnacksDesk” + Puppets, i.e. Bringing Whimsy to the Office

Our Atlanta team knows how to have fun… and show hospitality! When a member of our SF office came to visit, he was greeted with a spot at the “SnacksDesk” (where all the creative brain food lives), plus the Atlanta office puppets (Earl and Party Llama), who often make an appearance for creative brainstorms. These little touches add a bit of whimsy to the office environment, but more importantly, they foster a sense of levity and camaraderie that can often create fertile ground for good ideas. As our Project Management Resident Ninja, Ryan Fuquea puts it, “So much of it is just sitting in the same room and having impromptu conversations… which leads to epiphanies occasionally.” Good office vibes also helps teammates stay receptive to one another’s ideas and approach creative challenges collaboratively. Sarah Ackerman, Copywriting Maven, says “I personally go into [brainstorms] without any expectations, so I’m rarely surprised – but I’m always delighted when we find something to be excited about.”


Washington, D.C: Plants, Painting, & Podcasts: i.e. The Power of Personal Hobbies

Our DC team is a collection of individuals with impressive, sometimes-hidden talents. Ian takes painting workshops, Dan parents an extensive collection of succulents, and Christian hosts his own podcast. Moreover, each of them makes time for creative projects outside of work, which provides not just excellent stress-relief, but also helps “refill the creative cup”. When we look for inspiration beyond our 9-5, we often come up with more refreshing ideas and make more interesting connections to bring back to our work. Plus, learning something new, or even dusting off an old hobby, is a great way to “add folds to your grey matter”… and spark more creativity.


What Does Creativity Look Like For You?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for creativity. If there were, well that wouldn’t be very creative, would it? What does creativity look like for you? How do creative rituals help you “get in the cab” every day?

Read on for part 3 in this series, where we explore how our creative rituals turn into kickass campaigns for our clients.

Looking for more creative juice to tackle your brand strategy or design a killer campaign? Get in touch.

Stay tuned next week to find out how creativity shows up in our work—and translates to awesome, impactful results for our clients.


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