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How to Get Your Content Trending on Facebook

On February 11, 2016, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology (client since 2011) was one of Facebook’s top 10 trending stories, right alongside stories of Nasa’s new Mars photos, OK Go’s new album and Tesla confirming the new economy model.

For the first time ever the Cornell Lab documented the bird migration patterns for 118 species throughout the Western Hemisphere for the ENTIRE year. The Lab analyzed millions of observations by eBird, their citizen science database, to trace the migration routes of all the birds.

Leverage Your Organization’s Data to Create Compelling Content

“By using eBird data and other forms of migration tracking information, we’re getting a more detailed picture than ever before about where and when birds migrate. That’s the kind of information we need to make smart conservation decisions for species that live in vastly different regions during the year. Citizen science makes it possible to do this for populations across an entire hemisphere.”

— Frank La Sorte, research associate at the Cornell Lab

The Cornell Lab accompanied the amazing research with fun animated maps that several environmental and nature organizations picked up, including the NRDC, creating significant amount of buzz on Facebook.*

Map #1:                  

Cornell Lab Mesmerizing Bird Migration Map
Map #2:

cornell lab numbers bird migration map
Way to go Cornell Lab!

Read more about the Lab’s success with content marketing and fundraising.

*Disclosure: The Natural Resources Defense Council is also a Media Cause client.


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