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If you — like many of our clients — are using‘s fundraising tool and are in need of a way to share information on your website, you have come to the right place! We’ve had multiple clients use Classy for their fundraising needs and we noticed the need to be able to share your fundraising information on a website through their WordPress plugin. Unless you are a developer, you are fairly limited in what you can get from Classy onto your website.

We have simplified the process for WordPress users. The Classy plugin was developed using the API to use simple shortcodes on your WordPress site. Currently, the supported shortcodes are as follows:

  • [classy_campaigns]
  • [classy_campaign_info]
  • [classy_donations]
  • [classy_fundraisers]
  • [classy_fundraiser_info]
  • [classy_teams]
  • [classy_team_info]
  • [classy_recurring]
  • [classy_project_info]

You are able to use parameters that are available on the API as well in your shortcodes to help filter or sort data. For example, the following shortcode will return a list of fundraisers ordered by first name:

[classy_fundraisers order=”firstname”]


You are able to view a full list of parameters in the API shortcode available upon request from Classy.

Note: In order to use this WordPress plugin, you need to be a Classy Pro Client.

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