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The nonprofit website design for Thorn needed to humanize the issue of digital abuse, and appeal to individuals with a technical skill set who could partner as an individual, agency or company to support their mission of defending children. We worked collaboratively across every internal department to hone their messaging and create a compelling story for their brand.

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The Outcome




Conversion Rate

Employment Inquiries

Increase In Web Traffic

It is hard to find partners who adopt your brand and truly make it their own, but we have found it with Media Cause. They think like core owners of the Thorn mission and deliver incredible work as a result.

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Julie Cordua

CEO, Thorn

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Discovery + Analysis

Through the website redesign process, we sought to incorporate new content, reframe existing content, and add new elements to bring their website up to date with the mission of the organization. We also sought to keep their main goal of acquiring new partners at the forefront of every page on the site.

As with any website redesign process, we worked to keep the client focused on their goals, intertwining it into every aspect of the storytelling process and ensuring we had the tools in place to measure progress.

Captivating Words + Images

The underlying theme in our website redesign efforts for Thorn was to make the organization more approachable overall, adding in more human elements and lightening the look and feel across the site. With their focus on tech, we also wanted to bring in some modern elements, adding movement through video as well as other custom elements.

User Experience

In collaborating with the Thorn team on the best way to communicate their organization’s story, we concentrated on four key elements:

  • What do we do? Partner and build innovative technologies.
  • Why do we do what we do? To stop the exploitation of children.
  • How well do we do what we’re doing? Project/past work examples.
  • Why you should be a part of this? Share your expertise, innovate, and protect children.

If someone hears about Thorn, we want them to immediately understand what the organization does, why they do it, and that they do it well. Further, if they have the talent to lend, we wanted to provide an easy way for them to communicate their interest in becoming part of Thorn’s various programs. In order to further vet individuals interested in getting involved with the organization, we added a preliminary survey in an effort to get the most relevant parties in the hands of program managers at Thorn who are looking for new talent.