Facebook Ads for Nonprofits: Finding Fostering & Adoption Opportunities


We partnered with DePelchin Children’s Center to generate community interest in becoming foster or adoptive parents. Our strategy consisted of campaign development, audience research and testing, and ultimately, digital advertising utilizing Facebook ads for nonprofits and Depelchin’s Google Ad Grant:


The Outcome




Increase in foster and adoption leads over previous year

Foster/Adoption leads

Site traffic growth over one year





Audience Discovery

Incorporating insights from a kickoff call as well as previous DePelchin assets, we focused the preliminary campaign on three target audiences: Parents, Religiously Motivated Individuals, and Nurturers. Upon further exploration, we added a Lookalike Audience and Social Services into the mix while targetting our Facebook ads. In Q1, we added same-sex couples and remarketing audiences based on DePelchin foster care page visitors.

Collateral Development

To coincide with the campaign launch, we advised on custom landing page creation for target audiences and developed corresponding images for social media. Landing page recommendations focused on creating different messaging to test language effectiveness in capturing qualified leads based on target audiences.

We developed four visual collaterals to inspire people to get more information about becoming foster/adoptive parents. In future quarters, we advised on one minute videos featuring foster and adopt families telling their stories.



Campaign Launch + Optimization

By continually comparing targets, ad copy, collateral and landing pages, we utilized Facebook ads for nonprofits to elevating the most effective elements. Optimization included the addition of a remarketing pixel to enable retargeting on Facebook ads to people who had already seen one of the foster care landing pages, but had not yet signed up to receive more information.