Setting Up for Digital Marketing Success


Backrs creates networked communities of supporters (called “backrs”) around individual young people. These communities affirm youth and give caring adults a rewarding new way to connect.

After working with Media Cause to establish their overall brand and support their program launch, Backrs re-engaged with the team to help set a digital marketing strategy + build their digital infrastructure. This included social media strategy development + platform setup, marketing technology set-up, and development of creative assets.


The Challenge

Backrs needed support building their digital infrastructure and launching a presence on social media platforms to raise awareness of their work and to recruit backrs to support young people. 


When they first came to Media Cause, they lacked a presence on social media and needed help strategizing the best way to drive awareness and reach potential mentors. As a small team, they also needed support translating their mission and initiatives into platform and audience-specific messaging and creating efficient social media workflows.


Backrs knew they needed to address their technology stack in order to better serve all of their audiences and accelerate their growth. Their software was disjointed, and manual tasks were taking up too much of the team’s valuable time.


Backrs needed to create a library of assets for their email and social channels that matched their new branding. Since they would use these assets to launch on both channels, we had to set a precedent for what creative looked like on each. We were also tasked with making sure the templates were reusable and easy to edit for their small team.

The Strategy

We needed to look at the challenges from a few different angles in order to create a solution:


In order to effectively meet Backrs’ social media needs, we launched a social media strategy and provided platform-specific strategies + best practices for growth. Following our strategy work, we created social media accounts, built a collaborative workflow tool, and supported their initial social media management to set them up for success.


We evaluated the core systems that Backrs relied on and selected the right marketing automation and CRM platform for their unique needs— HubSpot. We then helped them fully implement the platform, including setup, data migration, and integration. We also provided staff training and produced written documentation to aid with adoption.


We worked with the email and social teams to come up with ideas for content based on the overall strategy. We then took those ideas and brought them to life through accessible template designs.

The Implementation

Executed a social media strategy based on multiple kick-off conversations and competitor research. 

  • Identified Backrs’ goals and social media platforms that would help them meet those goals, followed by platform-specific strategies for growth, including best practices, priority content, and messaging frameworks. 
  • Created social media accounts on priority platforms
  • Built a collaborative workflow tool to submit, review, and approve social content, and supported their initial social media management by executing copywriting and scheduling.

The Martech piece included selection, implementation, and training around multiple platforms:

  • Fully set up Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4, and Google Tag Manager on behalf of the Backrs team, including account creation and installation on their main Squarespace website.
  • Selected and implemented HubSpot Marketing Hub, including configuration of all relevant features (contacts, lists, forms, email templates, workflows), the migration of existing contact records into HubSpot CRM, and the integration of key platforms (Canva, Slack, Disciple) with HubSpot using first-party apps and Zapier workflows.
  • Conducted personalized training and produced customized documentation for staff members on the intricacies of their new HubSpot account and related systems to improve team confidence and toolset adoption.

Creative was focused on the development of assets + building templates for future use.

  • We started by identifying the need for their team to use Canva as their design program because of its user-friendly capabilities. 
  • We then worked with the social and email teams to help identify themes for their assets based on their overall content strategy.
  • We created a template for each theme for both email and social. Each template had multiple variations of color to add some variety to the content. We organized the template library into an easy-to-navigate document.