Using SEO to Drive Organic Visibility Around Equitable Education

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redefinED atlanta is a nonprofit organization in the public education space with the goal is to ensure that all students receive a great K-12 education. They aim to bring awareness to educational equity issues in Atlanta and provide resources for parents and communities to get involved. 

Media Cause partnered with this incredible organization for an SEO project with the aim to increase awareness for their organization while becoming thought leaders with new and engaging content.


redefinED atlanta Logo

The Outcome

The SEO-optimized blog content we helped redefinED Atlanta with doubled their organic traffic, increased organic visibility, and positioned redefinED Atlanta as a thought leader, bringing more awareness to educational equity and the work that redefinED Atlanta is doing.




Keywords in the Top 10 position

New Ranking Keywords

Increase in Organic Search traffic from July 2022 to April 2023

The Challenge

redefineED Atlanta wanted to expand their thought leadership in the nonprofit public education space. At the same time, they were also looking to increase awareness around their programs.

Due to resourcing and time, they needed support with researching and developing new content. As long-time Media Cause partners, they knew they could work with us and have a team that was reliable, with expertise on SEO and content development.

The Implementation

Keyword Research

We conducted in-depth keyword research, which included diving into the following topics:

  • What did the client want to rank for?
  • What were users searching for?
  • How could we bring awareness to their site while utilizing top-of-funnel content?


SEO Discovery

We researched what was currently ranking and analyzed how successfully they were ranking. Our team took these notes and ideas to create better content that specifically targeted their audiences of Black and Brown parents/communities.


SEO Optimization

We helped redefinED atlanta to implement a well-rounded blog strategy that provided them with SEO-optimized content, while also tackling important topics in their industry— educational equity, the struggles Black and Brown students have faced since COVID, and other issues with the public school system in Atlanta. 

We took the keyword research, along with topics they provided for us, and worked to decide on what content aligned with their organizational needs, while also appealing to a larger audience. 

From there, we created SEO outlines and worked with our content team to ensure the content was bold and would rank well.


As a result, we landed a crucial #1 ranking featured snippet within two months of creating and posting new content about “equitable education.” The content was researched + developed in January, posted in February, and landed in the top featured snippet in mid-March 2023.

redefinED atlanta Logo

redefinED atlanta Logo