Optimizing Google Ad Grant


buildOn wants to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations through service and education. In the U.S, they currently work with twenty-eight schools in six different cities to help students in under-resourced high schools feel empowered to take on issues in their own communities. With their global programs, they partner with rural communities in developing countries to help build schools, enroll out-of-school students, and educate adults.


The Outcome

Through effective Google Ad Grant management, we grew buildOn’s community by 112% compared to the previous year.




Website Visitors

The Challenge

The main challenge buildOn faced this past year was pivoting from their in-person service projects and outreach opportunities to focusing on virtual service campaigns instead. They had to completely shut down their global projects because of the pandemic, which set back their global poverty and illiteracy goals for 2020-21.

The Strategy

buildOn created projects for food drives, mask creation kits, and community outreach throughout 2020. We addressed their goal for the year by supporting all virtual projects through the Google Ad Grant. With the additional funds, we were able to increase the reach of the account and see an all time high in web traffic. Based on website content and keyword search trends, we were able to create dynamic and highly-targeted Search ads that reached an audience who was looking to help others in their communities.

The Implementation

In order to increase website traffic, we frequently created new campaigns based on updated research and resources on their website.

As well as continuous, optimization of keywords—utilizing keyword insertion and ad scheduling to reach as many relevant users as possible.