Unlocking Insights For Nonprofit Partners Through HubSpot Dashboards


Saga Education is a leader in high-impact, in-school tutoring that leverages both the power of human capital and technology to accelerate student outcomes and create more equitable learning for students.

Saga Education partnered with Media Cause to better improve their results reporting for their Learning Management System (LMS), Saga Coach, for themselves and their partners in a real-time and detailed manner.


The Outcome

By advising on the integration of a custom Learning Management System with HubSpot and building dynamic dashboards, we helped Saga Education prove the value and impact of Saga Coach with program partners in real-time, helping their mission to accelerate student outcomes and create more equitable learning for students.




key performance indicators tracked

custom dashboards created

custom records analyzed

The Challenge

Saga Education developed a custom LMS platform and product, Saga Coach, to instruct tutors on the organization’s innovative methodology. The content was delivered under the Saga brand name and white-labeled for partner organizations that paid for the service. 

Saga was having difficulty reporting on the results of Saga Coach, both as a whole and for each partner, in a real-time and detailed manner.

The Strategy

Working directly with the Saga Coach team, Media Cause advised on how to directly integrate their custom LMS platform with Saga’s new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform (HubSpot). We then directly built out a series of custom dashboards to help them measure each partner portal, as well as the product as a whole, in real-time.

Media Cause was pivotal in helping us set up our customer dashboards to connect our applications to HubSpot. Our team leveraged HubSpot’s API to send data to HubSpot + Media Cause brought that data to life. They leveraged custom objects and helped us set up reporting dashboards from the resulting data for each of our customers. It was a true pleasure to work with Luke + his team, and I highly recommend them!

The Implementation

At the start of the project, Media Cause provided technical recommendations to the Saga Coach team on which of HubSpot’s many Application Programming Interface (API) endpoints to utilize and how best to structure incoming data using custom properties for reporting purposes.

Media Cause developed a proprietary master dashboard for the Saga Coach team to monitor results across all deployments of their platform. 

The dashboard included a custom funnel-based report that shows a user’s progress through key stages, from initial registration to one module complete, to nine modules completed, and finally, to the completion of all modules. By reviewing the funnel report, the Saga Coach team was able to see the conversion rate between each step and cumulatively to identify areas of friction in the user journey and make deliberate changes as a result. 

In order to bring the funnel to life, Media Cause configured a series of workflow automations and a custom deal pipeline in HubSpot. Saga Coach users automatically progressed to the next funnel stage based on their initial registration action and completion of associated module records.




*Numbers are examples, not real data.

Media Cause built a series of partner-specific dashboards based on the master Saga Coach dashboard. Each one included custom reports that allowed busy partner contacts to understand at-a-glance how their investment in Saga Coach was performing. Each dashboard was refined to only include data from users who signed up for the partner’s specific instance of Saga Coach, so the data was as accurate and relevant as possible. Metrics provided included:

  • Total User Count
  • Total Modules Completed
  • # Contacts Who Finished Saga Coach
  • Weekly New Users
  • Weekly Modules Complete
  • Average Time Spent Per Completed Module
  • Total Time Spent
  • Saga Coach Users by Modules Completed
  • Saga Coach User Signups Over Time

Also included was a version of the overall Saga Coach user funnel report, filtered down to that partner’s users, to monitor the progress of users through the course. 

Each partner dashboard was set up to allow internal access within Saga Education, as well as the ability to email the dashboard to key partner points of contact. Depending on the partner’s preference, emails could be set up on a one-time or recurring basis so that partners weren’t required to sign into Saga Education’s HubSpot account to view the health of their investment.