Taking a People-First Approach to MedTech Branding


Telos Health is a purpose-driven MedTech innovation company that’s working to address critical gaps in stroke and peripheral vascular disease treatment—developing novel technologies designed to dramatically expand treatment access, improve consistency and speed, and save more patients’ lives. 

After working with Telos’ parent company, Imperative Care, to create their brand story and website, the team reached out to Media Cause to do the same for their newest subsidiary. Telos’ leadership knew that with our previous experience communicating complex healthcare concepts through compelling messaging and visuals, we’d have the background, and foresight, to bring the vision for Telos to life. 

Rather than focusing on a physician audience, the goal for Telos was to develop a story and website to recruit researchers, engineers, developers, and product designers to join their mission.


The Outcome

Media Cause built a compelling brand for Telos Health from the ground-up and positioned them to recruit 100+ new team members in 2022 to help fulfill their mission.

The Challenge

Telos Health, as a company, was still in its formative stages when we began working with them. The leadership team was passionate about their mission and had a clearly-defined roadmap for achieving it—but they had yet to translate it into a brand story and visual identity that would be compelling to those outside the organization’s walls. 

There were multiple audiences that the brand needed to resonate with, including physicians, investors, and industry influencers. But the most pressing audience was potential employees, without whom Telos wouldn’t be able to achieve its goals. In order to accelerate development of their life-saving technology, they set an ambitious goal to hire 100 researchers, engineers, developers, technologists, and other critical staff before the end of 2022.

The Strategy

In order to recruit the best and brightest talent from across the innovation, engineering, and product development fields, Telos needed to have an identity and a story that would resonate with people beyond its immediate MedTech realm. 

Through conversations with Telos’ leadership, issue-area research, and our previous experience in the healthcare space, we were able to quickly identify the brand personality —human yet innovative, ambitious yet grounded, exacting yet urgent. These characteristics informed our approach to designing Telos’ logo and visual identity system, its brand language, and all elements of its website—from layout and design to copy and content.

The Media Cause team did an incredible job of creating a brand for Telos Health that feels human but also tech-driven, which is a hard balance to achieve. They gave us the language and visual presence we need to take the next step as an organization and do this incredibly important work of saving lives.

The Implementation

We started the brand identity by conducting stakeholder interviews to get a sense of what the Telos Heath and Imperative Care leadership team were envisioning for the mission of their brand, as well as their overall values. Through their insights and competitive research, we developed multiple directions that would set Telos Health apart from other organizations and capture the essence of how the organization wanted to be perceived. 

Ultimately, we landed on a direction that was innovative, sleek, and aspirational—while also human— to speak to the industry pioneers that they were looking to recruit and emphasize the impact they could make at the company. We developed an identity that those associated with Telos Health could feel inspired by and proud to be a part of.

We leveraged input from Telos Health and Imperative Care leadership, as well as research into the challenges of stroke and peripheral vascular disease treatments, to articulate the urgency, need, and vision for Telos’ work. This allowed us to craft the brand positioning and narrative story that would serve as overarching messaging for all audiences while also developing more nuanced language for specific segments, including prospective talent. 

With a specific audience of potential employees in mind for the first iteration of the Telos Health website, we structured the user experience to mimic the unraveling of a powerful story: setting the scene, presenting the challenge, introducing the solution, and inviting ambitious talent to be part of it. 

We used color, texture, typography, and movement strategically to help the story unfold from top to bottom. The bold messaging and video in the hero section immediately command attention, while parallax scrolling progressively builds interest and information as users move down the page.

The challenge-solution story leads directly to a clear call-to-action for anyone interested in joining Telos’ team, with additional company information providing final reassurance of mission and credibility.

In order to get the site live quickly to help Telos reach its recruiting goals for the year, the Media Cause team designed and built it entirely in Webflow, a no-code platform that allows for custom, high-quality visual impact without the need for back-end development support.