Leveraging Peer-to-Peer During Year-End


Mark Hughes founded HNF in 1994 with the aim of providing children and families around the world with access to healthy meals and proper nutrition. Through nutrition education efforts in collaboration with “Casa” partner organizations across the globe, Herbalife Nutrition Foundation strives to ensure kids everywhere have enough food to eat, enabling them to reach their full potential. 

Herbalife Nutrition Foundation partnered with Media cause to launch their first ever peer-to-peer campaign.


The Outcome

Herbalife Nutrition Foundation partnered with Media cause to launch their first ever peer-to-peer campaign resulting in $321,216 raised from the landing page alone. 




total year-end donors to the landing page alone

total dollars raised increased YoY  (excluding major gifts)

number of donors increased YoY (excluding major gifts)

The Challenge

Riding off the heels of a successful 2019 year-end campaign, we hoped to prevent the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic from slowing growth in 2020. Over the course of the year, we continued to build a powerful fundraising mechanism, amassing a strong donor base. To build upon and accelerate this progress, we aimed to invest in an evergreen peer-to-peer program that would also ultimately drive year-end revenue. We set an ambitious goal of raising $500k throughout the year-end period.

To do so, we needed to develop a compelling creative theme paired with cross-channel campaign promotion.

The Strategy

First, we leveraged sophisticated technology by partnering with Classy to create a peer-to-peer specific, templatized landing page.

The top of the content page showcased imagery demonstrating the donor as a hero, sourcing many images with children and adults together to convey warmth, compassion, and elicit feelings of strong familial bonds and relationships.

By offering multiple options for creating a fundraiser, we appealed to the many motivations a user may have when considering peer-to-peer. We hoped to convert those who may be on the fence about starting their own fundraiser by hosting a suite of fundraiser ideas on the page.


The campaign leveraged multiple platforms and channels including email, website pop-up, Google Ad Grant, Facebook and Google Paid Advertising, Organic Facebook posts, and internal communications.

Mid-to late November messaging focused on introducing HNF’s community to the evergreen peer-to-peer fundraising program.


A total of 20 messages were sent to HNF’s email file during the year-end period. Total volume during this time frame was up 66.7% YoY. Emails were deployed through Luminate Online and invoked custom-tailored versioning to speak directly to the HNF audience based on their current donor segment (Prospect, Active, Lapsed, etc.).

5 website pop-ups were utilized over the course of the campaign, corresponding with the particular phase of the effort (Giving Tuesday, final week of the calendar year, etc.).


The Results

Overall, the campaign was a great success! HNF raised $321,216 raised from the landing page alone. 

  • 603 total year-end donors to the landing page alone (8 of which were major gifts, totaling $249,040)
  • Remaining 595 gifts totaling $72,176
  • YoY, # of donors increased by 80.9% (excluding major gifts)
  • YoY, Total dollars raised increased by 26% (excluding major gifts)