International Women’s Day Campaign Engages Thousands

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We pitched a unique campaign angle for International Women’s Day to send thank you notes directly to the all-female factions of the Kurdish Peshmerga. By whiteboarding the unique traits of the story we wanted to tell, we unearthed a concept that celebrated the bravery of these women without glorifying violence: Females on the Frontline.

The campaign theme allowed us to highlight different angles of the women’s sacrifice, as they fight not only on the front lines against ISIS, but also on the front lines of breaking gender norms, protecting their families, and for the preservation of the Kurdish culture.

Kurdish Project Logo

The Outcome

Our International Women’s Day campaign for The Kurdish Project reached millions and sent hundreds of letters of support to female fighters who protect their communities every day.




Engagements on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

Video Views

Thank you messages delivered to Kurdish female fighters


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After the campaign development, we created a microsite that reflected the theme of celebrating bravery without glorifying violence. Supporters could come to the page, learn more about the women through video and other content, and send a message of support to Kurdish female fighters. We leveraged social media to inspire interest in the campaign, and reached over 1 million people via Facebook and Twitter.

Kurdish Project Logo

Kurdish Project Logo