Increasing Course Enrollment Through Google Ad Grants


Portland Audubon’s mission is to inspire all people to love and protect birds, wildlife, and the natural environment upon which life depends. With the help of their vast network of advocates, nature enthusiasts, and partners, they inspire and connect people to nature through a variety of programs that are grounded in science and learning.

While the Portland Audubon had a Google Ad Grant set up, they knew they weren’t using it to its full potential. They partnered with Media Cause to help them with their strategy and increase traffic and e-commerce for courses and events.


The Outcome

Over the course of a year, the Portland Audubon saw a significant uptick in their Google Ad Grant spend and traffic, which led to an increase in program enrollment and close to 3,000 conversions, inspiring and connecting with a new cohort of bird lovers.




increase in Google Ad Grant spending

increase in clicks

brought in through e-commerce

The Challenge

One of Portland Audubon’s main priorities is to educate and inspire through courses and events. They host a wide range of trips and programs on birding and wildlife, and were aiming to increase traffic to their site and enrollment in their courses/events. 

They worked with Media Cause to help maximize the potential of their Google Ad Grant, as they knew they were spending minimally, but weren’t quite sure how to grow the spend themselves.

The Strategy

To help them maximize the benefits of their Google Ad Grant, we increased spend by adding more high search volume keywords and new content.

While we primarily focused our efforts on those searching for the Portland Audubon and related activities in the local area, we also utilized keywords that would allow us to drive new users to the site. With COVID making many of their events virtual, we were able to expand our reach beyond just the Portland area and provide resources to anyone interested.

The Implementation

Keyword Research + Conversion Tracking

We conducted keyword research, discussed what to prioritize on the site for traffic, and made sure page keywords matched what came up in our research. We also made revisions to ad copy in order to be consistent with the brand voice.

Once we had the keywords in place, we set up conversion tracking, a key element to make the campaign a success.


Google Ad Grant Management

Throughout the project, we continuously monitored and optimized the program, gathering insights on a weekly basis to make any needed adjustments in order to maximize the results.