Increasing Nonprofit Brand Awareness Through SEO



Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA), the leading organization in the world fighting ovarian cancer, turned to Media Cause to further grow their brand awareness and to help get their resources in front of every person affected by ovarian cancer.

In 2021, an estimated 21,410 people were diagnosed with ovarian cancer. As the fifth leading cause of cancer-related death among women. To help more women — those diagnosed and undiagnosed — get the information and support they need, we identified a major awareness opportunity for OCRA: Google.


The Outcome

Our team was able to help OCRA reach more women impacted by ovarian cancer and ultimately get their trustworthy resources in front of more people seeking ovarian cancer information.



increase of organic Google impressions

increase organic Google traffic

The Strategy

There are over 726,000 searches per month for ovarian cancer-related keywords on Google, and that’s not counting other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. We helped OCRA with an ongoing search engine optimization (SEO), specifically working to improve their content’s ranking on Google, getting more eyes on their patient resources, and increasing OCRA’s organic search traffic.

Our SEO strategy revolved around four key areas: Keyword research, new SEO-friendly content recommendations, optimizations to existing content, and technical SEO.


First, we performed a technical audit, which allowed us to identify the technical issues that impact OCRA’s ability to rank on Google. This allowed us to then identify a priority list of issues that we needed to address.  

Next, we conducted keyword research to help us understand what keywords or keyphrases people were using to search for ovarian cancer information. For example, we learned that something people with ovarian cancer search for is “hot flashes symptom of ovarian cancer”, which has over 500 searches/month on Google. Data-backed findings like this lead us to our content



Then, on an ongoing basis, based on our keyword research, we made targeted content recommendations. These would be articles or pages for the OCRA, to update or create based on keyword data that would allow them to gain organic search traffic over time. In addition to keyword research data, we conducted a competitive analysis that allowed us to identify opportunities for OCRA to improve their content titles, meta descriptions, h1 and h2 headlines, and what should be included on the recommended article/page.

Finally, because OCRA already had a lot of great content on their website, we provided suggested edits to their existing pages based on keyword research, Google Search Console data, and SEO best practices. This was important to do in addition to new content recommendations because as the ranking of OCRA’s pages improved and Google Search Console gained more performance data, it’s important to use that data to further help OCRA optimize their pages over time.

To grow brand awareness, reach more women impacted by ovarian cancer, and also increase organic search traffic, ongoing SEO was key to accomplishing OCRA’s objectives