Improving the User Experience through Strategic Marketing

Yosemite Conservancy


Yosemite Conservancy is the only nonprofit dedicated to preserving Yosemite National Park’s resources and providing enriching visitor experiences. 

Yosemite and Media Cause have worked together over the past few years on their Google Ad Grant strategy. We recently partnered to audit their tech stack, email marketing, and overall marketing strategy, analyze their audiences’ respective user journeys, and ultimately help them to improve the user experience.

Yosemite Conservancy

The Outcome

Our marketing audit and analysis with Yosemite Conservancy lead to a detailed path forward, mapping each of their audience and user journey’s to get users to become more actively engaged in the Conservancy’s mission of preserving Yosemite’s resources and providing enriching visitor experiences.

The Challenge

Yosemite Conservancy wanted to better engage with their current audience while also working to attract a slightly younger (30-40-year-old) audience. 

To do that, they understood there was a need to move away from a one size fits all marketing approach.

They needed a more thoughtful and holistic marketing strategy to help them achieve their organizational goals and create a more personalized user experience.

The Strategy

Through a series of audits, we worked with Yosemite to take a comprehensive look at their marketing strategy and platforms. Our goal was to help them uncover how they could define their various audiences and move them from one part of the funnel to the next by leveraging the right tools to deliver relevant information based on their experience with the Conservancy.  

We assessed their marketing technology, email strategy, and communications. We held a workshop with their team to brainstorm and map out the ideal user journeys and marketing strategy. 

Our previous work with Yosemite benefited the project’s success, as our team was already familiar with their content, goals, and vision.

These findings culminated in a final deliverable and presentation detailing strategy, tactics for each audience throughout the user journey, and recommendations to consolidate processes by using new platforms, such as Hubspot.

Yosemite Conservancy

Yosemite Conservancy

The Implementation

We hosted a workshop with the Yosemite team to get a detailed look at their audiences and where they wanted to see them go.

We led an internal group discussion with Yosemite, with guided questions to help uncover the answers they needed. We also performed a competitive and landscape analysis to inform the user journey, content, and channel strategy. 

Using our background research and knowledge, we worked together to build audience profiles. The result was three core audiences, including more granular subsets based on location and desired actions. We then discussed what Yosemite could do to adjust their messaging and marketing tactics with these new audiences in mind.

With the insights from our audits, we worked on a final deliverable deck to present to the client. We created detailed, step-by-step assessments of how they could talk to different audiences at each point in the user journey. This thorough deck outlined a more holistic approach to their marketing strategy that aligned with reaching their organizational goals. 

Some suggestions in the deliverable included a welcome email series for new additions to the email list and tailored messaging and user experiences for each audience. These insights and recommendations will help better inform and guide their marketing strategy.