Improving search rankings and website navigation


Bay Area Discovery Museum believes that providing children with the high-quality, research-backed early learning experiences they need to be successful is the best investment we can make as a society. Their children’s museum offers a unique, research-backed educational rationale, dedicated spaces for children six months to ten years old; and grounded exhibits, programs, and learning goals.

To ensure that a wide audience could find and experience Bay Area Discovery Museum’s educational offering, they came to Media Cause to look for ways to increase their search rankings, as well as find a way to streamline content from three different microsites dedicated to different aspects of their educational programs so that users could more easily access information on everything they provide. The existing state of their multiple website structure made for a confusing experience for potential visitors and learners.


The Outcome

Along with the rest of the world, our plans to measure the effectiveness of the new website were deeply affected by the pandemic and the museum’s inability to open. 


To help make strong recommendations on improvements for search, we executed a detailed SEO audit and conducted keyword research to identify the best opportunities for optimization as we reorganized their content.

After our SEO audit and keyword research were complete, we looked through the complexities of the current Bay Area Discovery Musuem website, along with their three microsites that housed their educational content. To ensure nothing was lost in the transition, we mapped the initial content lay out as we found it, and migrated it to the new content hierarchy that took into account organizational priorities, seasonal shifts in needs, and our new SEO recommendations.

We also executed a major content audit across their multiple owned sites and proposed a solution to condense all of the content from three external sites back into their main site, along with a few other layout and navigation improvements.

Our developers made and tested the changes, and we moved and condensed the content off of the external microsites all into one primary website, effectively killing off their other sites in the process.