Improved User Experience Helps Breast Cancer Study


The WISDOM Study aimed to revolutionize breast cancer detection in women over 40––they just needed to find 100,000 women to participate in their 5-year study to get the data first.

The WISDOM Study team came to Media Cause to improve their website and update their brand from a cold, clinical look to a more inviting aesthetic that would encourage women to be part of their study to change the way breast cancer is detected.


The Outcome

The end result was an updated brand which led to a beautiful, optimized website. The improved website and user experience allow women to sign up quickly and easily to participate in the study. Volunteers left with actionable next steps knowing they were revolutionizing breast cancer detection for all.


Platinum Hermes Award

The Challenge

Before we worked on improving the website, we first reviewed what The WISDOM Study team already had in place. We found that users had to go through a complicated signup process that wasn’t designed with them in mind. Plus, the elevated language used on the site made an already complicated sign-up process even more confusing for women trying to sign up for the study.

The Strategy

After we dove into the issue space, we found we had to enhance the overall visual look of the site to make it more engaging and welcoming, especially with imagery to warm up the brand. As we selected photos, we took into account that The WISDOM Study team wanted to add more diversity to their website and create inclusivity within their brand. 

Since the goal of the redesign was for the WISDOM Study team to increase the number of signups for their study, we also tackled the registration process. The one they had in place was too clinical for people to understand and resulted in high drop-off. We simplified the language and the user’s experience, streamlining the process so study participants are more likely to complete the registration.


We first dove in to redefine The WISDOM Study brand—moving from bold colors to softer hues and including friendlier, diverse faces to invite potential study participants to partake in the study. We developed an inclusive brand guideline to take the new look and feel off of the site and into additional marketing materials the study sponsors would create. 

Next, we tackled the website and signup process for desktop and mobile, approaching it with a clear vision of the goal: get more women to sign up for the study.  

We streamlined the signup process by simplifying the language and creating a Spanish language option so that non-English speakers could still be included in the study. Clear calls to action were also created while hammering home the importance of the study for the future of all women.