If It Barks, It’s AKC


What do goats, cows, and pangolins (??) have in common? They’re all clearly NOT dogs. So if you have questions about them, don’t bother asking the American Kennel Club (AKC). But if you DO need to know anything about your favorite canine companion—for instance, why your boxer scoots his bum across your carpet, or your rescue terrier-mix likes to steal your favorite underwear—the 135-year old not-for-profit organization has you covered.

In their first-ever national digital brand marketing campaign, “If It Barks, It’s AKC,” we helped AKC move beyond their past “show dogs only” perception. It turns out, while many people regarded the AKC as a trusted source, they regarded the organization as a trusted source for only show dogs with more of a stuffy attitude than what was representative of the brand.

The Strategy

Based on insights from our target audiences’ mindsets and behaviors, we used a strategic mix of humor and education to position the organization as a trusted, accessible, expert resource for all dogs and their owners – regardless of breed or background.

A multi-channel approach was used to showcase the creative. From video spots to animated banners, social strategy to print ads. We cast a wide net of touchpoints with targeted audiences to get the full “If It Barks” experience.

Check out all “If It Barks” campaign videos on vimeo.