Year-End Campaign Generates $50,000+ for a Casa in Need


Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) celebrated its 25 year anniversary in 2019, so we wanted to try something new during the year-end campaign. Despite providing healthy nutrition to more than 120,000 malnourished children around the world annually, our client’s year-end fundraising program had become stagnant. In 2017 and 2018, we raised approximately $22,000 each year from the same 200 donors.



The Outcome




Average Gift

Increase in Donations

Increase in Donors

Instead of a traditional year-end campaign requesting unrestricted donations and using $25,000 in available match funds to incentivize donors, we asked the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation network of casa partners to apply to compete in a peer-to-peer fundraising challenge where 25 participating casas raced to reach $25,000 and a chance to receive the $25,000 match. Five projects were selected from each of the five geographical regions HNF serves to ensure worldwide participation. The casas then encouraged their local audiences to help them participate in this giving challenge.

We leveraged emails to HNF’s modest database of 11,466 constituents, organic Facebook posts and a website pop-up all drove to the Casa Challenge landing page that served as the campaign hub. On the landing page, donors were able to select which of the 25 casas they wished to support. The casas that received the most gifts were motivated by the challenge and shared the landing page link with their own audiences.

We were blown away! This approach raised $57,273 compared to $23,448 the prior year! Total revenue more than doubled (this total excludes the $25,000 matching gift that was awarded to the challenge winner). 23 of the 25 projects featured on the landing page received at least one gift.

And best of all, the winning casa, Lily Missions Center raised a total of $26,037.91 and received a MATCHED gift of $25,000, enabling them to fund an urgently needed project that will change children’s lives.