Expanding Awareness on Hinduism with a Google Ad Grant


The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) is an educational and advocacy organization. HAF focuses on educating the public about Hindus and Hinduism and advocating for policies and practices that ensure the well-being of all people and the planet.

The Hindu American Foundation and Media Cause partnered together to work on their Google Ad Grant, which needed both setup and implementation.


By leveraging and optimizing HAF's Google Ad Grant, we were able to increase overall website traffic, bringing their educational resources to an expanded audience.



sessions from Google Paid Search Grants since setting up their ad grant account

lower bounce rate for Google Ad Grant traffic than all other traffic sources

The Challenge

The Hindu American Foundation’s goal is to be the go-to source for Hindu Americans and anyone else looking to educate themselves on topics around Hinduism.

They wanted to use Google Ad Grants to help them increase their web traffic and expand their audience to showcase their extensive content library of downloadable resources, blogs, and podcasts. While they were seeing a good amount of traffic to their site already, a lot came from outside of the US, and the foundation wanted to focus on increasing traffic within the US, particularly tied to education and advocacy on Hinduism.

The Strategy

With this project, we needed to implement the Google Ad Grant and develop a strategy to set them up for success. Our focus with the Ad Grant was to promote and highlight the Hindu American Foundation’s content. 

Our first step was to get the Google Ad Grant in place. Next, we needed to ensure their website was optimized for Google. While they often create new posts to comment their stance on current issues, the highest converting landing pages went to evergreen blog posts, even if they are a bit older. They mainly focus on general topics people search for, giving them the chance to inform and educate while also driving brand awareness. We wanted them to continue to strategize on creating content built for longevity.

With a strong website and content in place, we were then able to set a strategy for the ad words in Google and start driving new traffic to the site.

The Implementation

When implementing the Google Ad Grant, we knew we needed to target both Indian Americans and Americans looking for educational resources relating to Hinduism and the culture surrounding it. 

We knew some of the key traffic drivers were tied to holidays and cultural events, which meant that they would only be seasonally relevant. We wanted to shift the search keywords towards the other great content they have, like what is a bindi, what is Hinduism, the four stages of life, history of yoga, etc.

We also wanted to add in new targets and come up with ideas for expanded content. We took a look at what people were searching for and paired content and keywords accordingly. As they continued to expand their content, we were able to add new ad groups and expand the audience even more.

By refining the content and target strategy with these new keywords, we were able to drive more quality traffic to the HAF website—the traffic garnered from the Google Ad Grant saw a 6% lower bounce rate than other sources.