Donor Engagement Drives 21% Year-End Fundraising Growth

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CuriOdyssey is a nonprofit science museum and zoo, that lets kids loose to observe wild animals, experiment with scientific phenomena and let the natural world answer their questions.

Our team partnered with CuriOdyssey to develop and implement a year-end fundraising strategy focused on donor engagement, tapping into their existing supporter-base and motivating them to give. Through audience research and targeted cross-channel messaging, we brought CuriOdyssey’s unique approach to learning and discovery to life outside its four walls–and inspired families who enjoy it in person to also support it online.


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The Outcome

During our partnership with CuriOdyssey we develop and implement a year-end fundraising strategy focused on donor engagement, leveraging a multi-channel strategy for donor engagement that resulted in 21% revenue growth and 35% donor growth.




Increase in total donors

Year-end revenue growth

Increase in year-end donors

Captivating Words + Images

The Be A Hero end-of-year fundraising campaign told the story of four animals who came to CuriOdyssey after surviving injuries and illness and being exposed to human contact. The email pieces were a crucial opportunity to tell those stories and invite supporters into the campaign by drawing a connection between caring for these important animals and making an end-of-year gift to CuriOdyssey.

Through a compelling 8-part email series, imaginative gallery and outdoor signage, and an impactful landing page and direct mail piece, we helped CuriOdyssey reach and convert more supporters into new donors — increasing the number of total year-end donors by 28%, total amount raised online by 19% from 2016, and overall revenue by 21.4%. That’s nearly double the nonprofit average increase in year-end revenue from 2016.

Donor Engagement Drives Growth

Through careful planning and execution, engaging with donors in more meaningful and personalized ways can contribute significantly to nonprofits’ bottom lines. With the cost of acquiring a new donor being 5 times the cost of retaining current donors, it’s important to have a strategy to keep donors engaged throughout the year (and not just year-end!).

CuriOdyssey Logo

CuriOdyssey Logo