Building a Nonprofit Marketing Strategy to Save Refugee Lives

Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) saves lives of the most vulnerable refugees. Their impact is measured in lives saved. Partnering with MOAS, our job was to increase the amount of lives they could save by building a nonprofit marketing strategy that was scalable and sustainable through a fundraising and partnership model.  

We tracked reporters covering migrant and refugee issues – engaged with them and invited them on the boat. We used their personal and professional feeds to create our own content.

MOAS invited Sky News to create a rescue message, resulting in powerful coverage and a marketing opportunity. Malta-based opera singer Joseph Calleja publicly endorsed MOAS’ work in a special video. Through tracking and content analysis, we identified that short videos on young children’s rescue stories were the biggest driver of donations.

In the 48 hours following the Sky News message, we used keyword research and audience targeting to connect MOAS with 75,000 Twitter users who engaged with the message.





Return on Ad Spend (ROI from donations)

Decrease in cost per donor acquisition

New supporters reached