Corporate Giving Campaigns Aim to Activate Supporters

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Media Cause and Futures Without Violence have been collaborating to drive corporate giving campaigns that are geared to activate supporters. One of the main focus points is the annual Macy’s Thank-A-Mom fundraising campaign. The campaign centers on Mother’s Day and invites both shoppers and supporters to thank their mothers with a digital card. The card is generated by a custom application on Macy’s Facebook page and then shareable via Facebook or email. As an official Macy’s partner, Futures collect $2 for every card sent where the user marks Futures as the beneficiary. In the yearly, three week-long Thank-A-Mom fundraising campaign, we leverage social media, search and email marketing to:

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The Outcome

In total, we were able to raise $98,294 in collaboration with Futures Without Violence during our most recent Macy’s Thank-A-Mom Campaign and increased traffic to the promotion by 12.5% from the previous year.




Lift in Year-Over-Year Engagement



Media Cause goes above and beyond to ensure that we’re putting out content that resonates with our audience. This dedicated, data-driven approach works.

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Lauren Brisbo

Communications and Digital Media Manager, Futures Without Violence

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Corporate sponsorships and contests are great ways for nonprofits to participate in online fundraising without asking supporters directly for money. Organizations engage supporters to take specific actions, and brands make a donation to a good cause – win win!

Across the campaign, we leveraged custom images to effectively promote the campaign and reach the highest engagement levels possible. Visuals and messaging across platforms centered around key targets via age, gender, demographics and specified interests.

Multi-Touchpoint Campaign

In planning for the Thank-A-Mom fundraising campaign, our focus was on developing a content strategy that would encourage user participation and effectively drive Futures’ supporters from their digital media platforms to Macy’s Facebook application.

We concentrated on four key areas:

  • Organic social media
  • Paid social media
  • Email
  • Google Ad Grants

Track Everything

A key component of this fundraising campaign was to reach new users. As a result we centered ongoing campaign optimizations around ROI.

This optimization was enabled by solid data tracking. With the conversion occurring on a third-party application, we had to overcome the limited available conversion data. Using a combination of Facebook advertising and organic data, Google UTM conventions, Bitly URLs, website analytics and ESP analytics, we were able to track efforts to mobilized both our earned and newly acquired audiences.