A Website Redesign to Protect Our Planet


The Oceanic Preservation Society is a nonprofit organization that promotes global conservation by exposing threats to our oceans and planet.

Our team helped this great organization put their impact at the center of their brand story through a new website that elevates their content and provides opportunities for supporters to take action.


The Challenge

The Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS) needed a website that showcased their incredible content while communicating their mission and impact. They have a wealth of amazing content that documents humankind’s formidable impact on the environment in order to empower individuals and activists everywhere to protect our planet.

Their current website didn’t do a good job of displaying their important work and provided a confusing user experience. Our challenge was to design a site that was user-friendly, making their content easily discoverable while reflecting their impact and focus areas in the design.


The Strategy

The project began with an intensive research and discovery phase to understand more about OPS’ target audiences and content opportunities.

We explored relevant actors in three sectors to help frame OPS’ brand positioning for the new website. This then informed our messaging and content strategy for the OPS website.

1. Audience Discovery + Persona Development

2. SEO Keyword Research

3. Content + Messaging Strategy

I am THRILLED with the site and it provides us an incredible platform to move forward with our next projects. We are all really really happy with the result! I wrote to the entire board of directors a few days ago about the Media Cause experience and asked them to recommend you guys any time they can.

The Results

We conducted a website redesign for the Oceanic Preservation Society to showcase their incredible content and share their impact on the environment.

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