Calling Google

How to Call Google:

We hear a lot of nonprofits say they have a difficult time calling Google and getting in touch for help with their Google Grants account. While we generally try to resolve issues on our own, sometimes a call to an AdWords rep is necessary. I realize calling Google can be a bit tricky.  They don’t make it easy on purpose as they prefer you use the Google Grants forum. However, we’re always able to successfully call Google when we need help.  Since this is a question we hear on a regular basis, I decided to write a short blog post in case there are other non-profits who’ve run into problems calling Google.

Here are the steps that I recommend taking:

1. Login to Google AdWords
2. Click the Google Help button in the upper right
3. Then click the phone icon on the right side of the page
4. Follow step 3 by calling the number provided with your AdWords account ID number handy

As long as you call during normal business hours, you will reach a live AdWords Rep that is ready willing and able to help. They might not be able to solve your problem on the spot but they will respond to you by e-mail when they’re able to.

I hope that helps, it works for us!


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