Influence(her): Building Your Own Digital Brand

This week, a few Boston-based Media Cause ladies attended a workshop led by Inkhouse’s Co-founder and CEO, Beth Monaghan, on “Cultivating Your Personal Brand to Set Yourself Up for Success”. The workshop was put on by The Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange’s (MITX) public program called Influence(her), which brings together a community of professional women in digital, technology, and E-commerce for workshops, speaker series, and mentoring opportunities.

One of the main focuses of the workshop was on how to build a thoughtful and purposeful digital brand or online personality that is tied to your goals, both for your personal life and your career. Monaghan asked us to think about:

  • What are your goals?
  • How might a digital presence help you achieve those goals?
  • Do you want to be a thought-leader or build following?
  • What makes you uniquely you? How can you leverage those characteristics to tell your story? How will they make you stand out?
  • What are the social channels that you should be publishing on to get your content in front of the right audiences? How often should you be posting?
Beth Monaghan speaking at OwnerIQ's HQ about building personal brand.
Beth Monaghan speaking at OwnerIQ’s headquarters.

While each individual’s answers to these questions are relative to their personal goals, it’s important to have an editorial plan to make sure that your digital presence is providing “value over vanity”.

Our Personal Brand Takeaways


As we reflected on the evening and Monaghan’s stellar tips, we all agreed that building a career in digital means that our digital presence should also be reflective of our skills. Staying in the know about digital platforms means that we should have hands-on experience, not only for bettering our work professionally, but also for building our personal and professional brands. For example, knowing what content is best for each social platform helps us understand that publishing a professional accolade on Twitter will have less impact than providing a professional recommendation on LinkedIn.

We also noted a few perks of working at Media Cause that are helping us build our personal brand as part of our careers:

  • At Media Cause, all team members are responsible for keeping our blog alive with our own thought pieces, commentary on trends or announcements, and insights into our culture. These blogs are then re-published on our LinkedIn and Twitter profiles to showcase what we’re working on or interested in.
  • “Never stop growing” is a key theme throughout the Media Cause on-boarding process that emphasizes prioritizing training in digital platforms that might be new to you and raising your hand to work on projects that are of interest. Better yet, it’s a theme that doesn’t end once you’ve been fully on-boarded but remains a core value of the agency.

Thanks to Beth Monaghan and MITX’s Influence(her) for an insightful workshop. If you’re interested, join our Boston-based team at the next Influence(her) event coming in March.


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