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4 Ways to Boost Nonprofit Email Acquisition

The best way to reach new supporters and turn them into long-term donors is to allow easy ways for potential supporters get involved. One of the best and low barrier asks is through email acquisition. Here are four ways to boost your acquisition this year:

1. Create optimized landing pages

Before you dive into driving potential leads to your website, it’s important to make improvements to the website that will allow you to drive traffic to static pages. Adding effective tools to capture supporter email addresses is an essential step to improving this process, and landing pages are a great way to provide impactful information alongside a clear ask. Typically, a strategy that includes gated content or a call to action will see a higher conversion rate. Though you may already have landing pages in place, the new year is a great opportunity to analyze and implement potential landing page optimization opportunities.

2. Incorporate slide-ins

If your nonprofit has limited resources when it comes to building landing pages, slide-ins could be a low-barrier alternative and a proven tool for email acquisition. A Hubspot test revealed that slide-in forms increased conversion rates by 27% compared to standard on-page static forms.

email acquisition

Not only are slide-ins a great way to increase email signups from new visitors, but they can also capture returning website visitors. In order to gauge the best pages for web installation, take a look at your website’s Google Analytics to assess which pages receive the highest traffic. Once slide-ins have been added to these key pages, revisit your overall content strategy to ensure that outreach efforts align with this new acquisition strategy.

 3. Google Ad Grants

First off, if your organization isn’t currently taking advantage of Google’s Ad Grants program, get to know the program and sign up now. Google provides $10,000 each month in AdWords advertising to qualifying nonprofits.

Once you’ve made the necessary website improvements, Google Ad Grants are a key tool in your arsenal to help drive qualified traffic to areas of your website that include email acquisition. For tips and tricks on managing and optimizing your grant, check out our handy guide.

4. Email acquisition on social media

With the recent creation of the Social Good Team, Facebook looks to be on track to upgrade its suite of offerings to the nonprofit community in terms of lead generation and fundraising, both free and paid. If your nonprofit has money to spend on user email acquisition, Facebook’s lead generation ads offer an easy on-platform method to turn your existing community into more engaged, long-term supporters.

Additional Recommendations

Before you begin capturing leads through various platforms, ensure you have a plan in place to maintain their interest.

Email Segmentation

The best way to foster supporters and potential donors is to tailor messaging to their interests. When you set up segmentation ahead of the initial point of contact, you’ll be able to ensure that individuals continue to receive information on topics that they care about, getting them to become more invested in your organization’s mission. Learn more about the importance of email segmentation.

Welcome series

An email welcome series is an automated number of emails sent to new email subscribers after they opt-in to your nonprofit’s email list. Aim to create 2-3 customized and segmented emails over the first few weeks for each of your email segments. Ideally, these emails should introduce new supporters to your organization and all of the great work it’s doing. First impressions matter, and an effective email welcome series will help your organization turn new supporters into long-term ones with messaging that is aligned with their interests.


Looking for more insight into expanding your nonprofit’s supporter base? Learn more about how to build an effective online community.

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