Best of 2013: Nonprofit Digital Strategies & Tactics

We’ve compiled a list of Media Cause’s most visited blog posts of the year. Here are the most popular nonprofit digital strategies and tactics.

1. 10 Tips For An Effective Nonprofit Content Strategy

Most nonprofits have an overwhelming amount of content on their websites or other communication channels that can be easily repurposed for social. In 10 Tips For An Effective Nonprofit Content Strategy, we share ten tips for managing your time and dealing with the problem of feeding your organization’s social media beasts.

2. Grow Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Reach By 130% In 5 Steps

Here at Media Cause, we’ve taken a scientific approach to determine what types of content to post on Facebook to increase reach and engagement. Using this approach, one of our nonprofit clients grew its reach by 130 percent just after a week. In Grow Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Reach By 130% In 5 Steps, we document exactly how to apply our approach to your nonprofit.

3. Viral Marketing For Nonprofits: Applying Jonah Berger’s 6 STEPPS

We’ve adapted Jonah Berger’s findings and approach for viral marketing for nonprofits. Here are six STEPPS to create contagious content for your cause.

4. 9 Tips For Nonprofit Social Media Content Marketing

The notion that content creation takes hundreds of hours of work is one of the biggest myths in nonprofit social media marketing. Here are nine tips that offer a simple and effective plan for nonprofits to generate content for their social media streams.

5. 7 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Video On Instagram

While Instagram is indeed another social network, nonprofits shouldn’t worry about building a large following on the platform to effectively use this new feature. You can simply create a video on Instagram and share it on your organization’s social media networks. Here are seven ideas to get your nonprofit started with video on Instagram.

6. Which Social Media Networks Should My Nonprofit Use?

Do you struggle to keep up with numerous social media networks for your nonprofit? Use this guide to pick the best ones for your organization.

7. 3 Facebook Tricks Your Nonprofit Should Be Using

Our community manager Kristy Kosak shares her favorite features that allow community managers to make the most of the pages they manage.

8. How To Create Effective Landing Pages For Your Nonprofit 

There are seven main elements that make up the anatomy of a landing page. In How To Create Effective Landing Pages For Your Nonprofit , you will find brief descriptions, examples and tips on how to create a successful landing page.

9. 27 Resources For Nonprofits On Twitter

This list includes Twitter handles of bloggers, industry leaders, news outlets and other individuals and organizations that provide nonprofits with helpful tips, insightful commentary and latest news about the world of nonprofit digital marketing.

10. Do’s And Don’ts Of Live-Tweeting For Nonprofits

Although live-tweeting can seem daunting, it’s an amazing way for your organization to participate in conversations on various issues discussed at conferences and other events. Here are some basic do’s and don’ts of live-tweeting for nonprofits.

We want to hear from you! What are your biggest questions about digital marketing for nonprofits? Let us know in the comments section below or tweet at us at @mediacause, and we might blog about it in 2014!


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