Poster stating "Stop Asian Hate"

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

AAPI Month is Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage month. The first AAPI month was celebrated in May of 1990 when George H.W. Bush designated the month a national heritage month.

This month is an opportunity to remember and honor the history of Asian American and Pacific Islander communities and celebrate their cultures and heritages. 

However, with every holiday month, a month isn’t enough. We must honor, celebrate, and support the AAPI community everyday.  

With recent events and increase in Asian hate crimes, supporting the AAPI community is more important than ever. This month is a reminder that we still have a long way to go. Supporting the AAPI community should go beyond May. 

Resources: Learning + Unlearning 

What to Read

Get Involved!

What you can do to help:

  • Volunteer as a foot patrol
  • Report a hate incident
  • Join a local rally
  • Check in with your AAPI friends & peers
  • Support business owned by the Asian Americans

Who you can support: 


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