Always A Season of Giving Back

Every day, we go to work to turn intent into impact and further the missions of the organizations we’re fortunate enough to partner with. But it’s more than just words we put on our website and pitch decks: it’s a deep seated belief we put into practice in our off hours, too. 

Whether we’re spending time at a local animal shelter, working with youth in the community, or offering relentless support to strangers in need, doing good in the world is in our DNA. Here’s just a sampling of where we spend our time:




Stephanie: I volunteer to feed the cats every Sunday at the Marin Humane Society, and occasionally I sub as a Cat Pet Pal, which is a person who helps socialize the cats, including Fat Jerry (pictured). Fat Jerry has since been adopted and has hopefully dropped some weight. 


Sarah S.: I spend my volunteer time with the Center for Hope and Healing. It’s a rape crisis hotline & medical advocate, and it’s allowed me to help out at family festivals and fundraisers or community outreach offering support to strangers in need. 

Dana: I’ve been volunteering with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of MA for the past two years with their Mentor 2.0 program. I’ve been mentoring the same girl since her first week of high school – she is an inspiration. BBBS partners with a “low-income” high school in Boston area to provide a program that helps students prepare for their future outside of just school work. I mentor her with life skills, like finding a summer job, interview skills, and sometimes we chat about fun things with her quinceanera. We have weekly communication and lessons through an online portal and a monthly in-person event. I enjoy mentorship, I love working with high schoolers and it’s nice really build a relationship over multiple months and years to build the trust that’s necessary to talk about important life things and just the fun day to days.  

Eric: For me personally, I’m on the advisory board of a children’s education and empowerment non-profit called As a volunteer, I lend a hand with general growth strategy, digital marketing advice, and brainstorming on all sorts of things for their organization and programs. I also recently volunteered at half-day workshop that they hosted for elementary kids to learn the ins and out of starting a business. It was pretty awesome! 

Clara: I’ve volunteered over this past year as a Crisis Counselor for Crisis Text Line, a global organization providing free crisis intervention via SMS text. Despite our living in a very connected age, there are a lot of lonely people out there, and I like knowing that no matter who you are, you have a lifeline to get you through an anxious moment and connect you with the help you need. As a Crisis Counselor, I’ve seen how connected we humans are: no matter where we live, no matter who we are, many of us face the same challenges and pain; likewise, many of us are able to overcome those challenges because we also share the qualities of resilience and courage. 



Ansley: I volunteered my time designing a logo for Banbas, an elephant sanctuary resort in Chitwan, Nepal. They still haven’t chosen the winner, but here’s one that I really like. It features the traditional handprints of the Tharu people, a tribe native to the area. These handprints are seen decorating houses and buildings throughout the neighborhoods there and are distinctly Chitwan. For a local resort that hopes to have a social impact on the area, the connection between the local tribe, the local people, and the organization is important. 

Melvin: We volunteered with my wife’s side of the family during their family reunion back in July. We chose an org called Verde. They are based in Portland, Oregon.  We chose them because their impact is two fold: they work with low-income communities and people of color to invest back into their areas by building or maintaining parks, rain gardens, and other environmentally sustainable projects.

When we went, we were split into two groups. The first group planted flowers and did some maintenance at a rain garden. And, the group I was in went to Cully Park to do maintenance in their Native Gathering Garden. 

Sarah A.: My husband started the Friends of John A. White Park, a hidden gem of a park in Southwest Atlanta. We’ve hosted clean ups and hauled dozens of tires and truck beds full of trash out of the underbrush in hopes to eventually create a network of trails that connect to other urban greenspaces. 

I also teach New Years Day yoga classes, with the proceeds going to the Birthday Party Project, an organization that throws birthday parties for kids of all ages in homeless shelters. 

Ryan: As a team, Media Cause Atlanta took time to walk and socialize rescue dogs at PAWS Atlanta, helped throw a magician themed birthday party- complete with pulling a bunny out of a hat –  at a local shelter through the Birthday Party Project and took a morning to put in sweat-equity in tilling and maintaining a vegetable garden that benefits the Atlanta Community Food Bank

We want to hear from you, too! What causes are you passionate about? Where do you give of your time, beyond the organizations you work for? We’re always looking for new, creative ways to give back. 


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