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Advertising Opportunities During COVID

Understandably, when advertising during a global pandemic, messaging is the first key element that a brand needs to solve.  We know this time calls for additional sensitivity and understanding of the evolving consumer mindset.  The good news is, once a messaging approach has been established, there are a number of opportunities for discounted, or even free, media inventory at the moment. Especially if you are a non-profit organization or have messaging specific to COVID-19. 

Through our relationships with media vendors, Media Cause has identified a number of publishers who are serving as a helpful resource during this uncertain time.  

Pro Bono Media

With digital media consumption spiking as more people stay at home, many media publishers are seeing unprecedented traffic to their websites.  This is resulting in an abundance of unused ad inventory.  Some publishers are seeking to donate this inventory to philanthropic or charitable advertisers.  While pro bono media opportunities are unlikely to include any advanced targeting capabilities, the free media value can be substantial for brands whose advertising budgets have been impacted.  

Media Matching 

Matching an advertiser’s media investment with additional free media is another tactic we are seeing from a number of premium publishers.  Many are temporarily offering to double an advertiser’s purchased impression volume in order to significantly increase the value of their media spend—ultimately increasing the overall campaign reach.

Increased Added Value

While perhaps not as impactful as matching, increased added value is something that many publishers are currently offering.  While receiving up to 10% of a media investment as added value is fairly typical across the industry, many publishers are now increasing this to 25% or more. Additionally, a number of vendors who typically didn’t offer added value at all, especially to those with a minimal media investment, are now incorporating into their offering.  

Creative Solutions

Finally, as another means of helping advertisers with limited resources, there are a number of media partners offering to provide no-cost creative solutions alongside a media buy.  We’ve seen this include anything from standard banners, to high-impact units, and even custom donation widgets, designed specifically with fundraising clients in mind.  

While the above offerings are extremely impactful for organizations, the information can be difficult to uncover.  As your agency partner, we will rely on our media vendor relationships to stay on top of such offerings.  If you are navigating the landscape on your own, we would suggest starting with a search on Google or LinkedIn, or visiting the websites of some of the media properties most relevant to your brand.  If the information doesn’t appear readily available we would suggest following the Advertising link on their site and simply introducing your organization and inquiring as to whether they offer any deals or discounts on media.  With any luck, you’ll receive a bit of good news in response.  

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