How to Adjust to the New Facebook Algorithm in 2018

The start of the new year means that everyone is making resolutions–even Facebook. Facebook announced that its goal for 2018 is “to bring people closer together and build relationships.” To fulfill this goal, the platform plans to connect Facebook users to “meaningful posts” from their friends and family by updating how they rank posts in News Feed. This means that the Facebook algorithm will be changing…once again.  

Content that is more engaging will receive priority in News Feed. The more reactions, comments, and shares your posts generate–the better. In order to reach the Facebook community, nonprofits and organizations that use Facebook Pages will need to rethink their Facebook content strategy. The best way to stay ahead of the curve is to create more engaging content.

Here are a few tips to keep your content engaging with the new Facebook algorithm:


  1. Get to know your Facebook fans.

Make use of Facebook audience insights and other social listening tools, such as Sprout Social or Fanpage Karma, to better understand your audience.

  • Use the interests of your Facebook fans to dictate which topics you share the most
  • Let geographic location determine the best times to post. For example: If a majority of your audience lives in California then you’ll want to post based on PST rather than EST
  • Use demographic information to frame how you speak to your Facebook audience
  1. Community Management is key.

Step-up your community management. Engaging with your Facebook audience will become even more important for nurturing your fans and encouraging discussion.

  • Like and reply to comments on your posts, so that your audience knows that their voices’ are heard
  • Answer messages in a timely manner to develop a stronger relationship with your audience
  • Start a discussion in the comments of your posts. For example, sharing CTAs  in the comments of your posts will generate discussion and will drive more traffic to your desired destination
  1. Utilize Facebook Live.

Take advantage of the Facebook Live trend. Facebook has been prioritizing live videos in News Feed and recognizes this content as HIGHLY engaging.

A few ideas to get you started:

  • Broadcast live Q&As with thought leaders or other experts at your organization. You can even ask the Facebook community to submit questions live
  • Create live how-to videos. For example: If your audience is eco-friendly, share some live tips about how they can reduce their carbon footprint around the house
  • Announce breaking news relevant to your organization
  • Share a live stream of behind-the-scenes at events your organization attends
  1. Perform a content analysis.

Evaluate Facebook post insights to determine which type of media and content theme is resonating the most with your audience. Media type and content themes that show high engagement rates will be the most important posts to invest resources into.   

  1. Create Facebook groups.

Facebook allows organizations to form an online community for a certain cause and location. Creating Facebook groups based on location and specific interests of your followers is a great way “to bring people closer together and build relationships.” Need advice? Here are some ways nonprofits can effectively leverage Facebook groups.

Want to know how you can continue to grow on Facebook in 2018? Drop us a line.


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