Nonprofit Social Media goals

6 Tools to Measure Nonprofit Social Media Goals

So, you’ve set up social media profiles and have started engaging with supporters, but how can you ensure that you will reach your nonprofit social media goals?

Data: The Key to tracking Nonprofit social media goals

You’ve heard it before and you’ll definitely hear it again: measuring data is the key to ensuring that your social media strategy is effective in meeting your nonprofit’s goals. There are three different avenues through which you should be measuring your nonprofit’s effectiveness on social media platforms: social media metrics, social listening, and tracking key influencers.

Here’s a breakdown of a few tools to help you out along the way:

Social Media Metrics

Simply Measured

  • What it is: Complete social media metrics for the most used platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Tumblr, Vine, and LinkedIn.
  • What it’s good for: Marketing driven, this tool provides a complete snapshot of social data across all platforms as well as a breakdown of analytics individually. Data can be segmented or mixed to gauge how specific types of content are performing with audiences on different platforms. Simply Measured also includes measurement of audience growth over time, social performance comparison against competitors, and hashtag and keyword monitoring.
  • Added bonus: Some pricing options offer Google Analytics integration, Facebook ad performance analysis, and custom reporting. They also do a great job at converting data into visually appealing charts and tables that work well for any board presentations you may have on the horizon.
  • Pricing: $$$

Sprout Social

  • What it is: Social media management and metric analysis tool for the major social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn.
  • What it’s good for: Collaborative management of social media profiles, metrics and analytics based on platform data, and customizable keyword monitoring. One of my favorite features – it provides historical information about specific Twitter users so you can track your history and engagement. This is particularly helpful when trying to connect with key influencers on the platform or track how higher profile supporters have been promoting your organization (and ensure you’re thanking them accordingly).
  • Added bonus: Streamlined communication between team members that allows multiple avenues of behind-the-scenes communication.
  • Pricing: $

Social Listening


  • What it is: Comprehensive real time social media listening, tracking, monitoring, and engagement tool. Basically everything you ever wanted to know about anything related to your nonprofit’s social media profiles, and then some.
  • What it’s good for: Discovering and viewing relevant conversations happening around your brand both in real time and historically. Collaborating with other team members on customer/supporter engagement and management. Social brand marketing, community engagement, social analytics metrics, measurement, sentiment and analytics reporting. Tracking social media influencers by metrics as well as individual platforms.
  • Added bonus: Customizable dashboards to incorporate information based on your brand’s goals. Radian6 can also be integrated with Salesforce to streamline your CRM if your nonprofit is already utilizing the tool.
  • Important to note: Requires a dedicated agency or staff member to digest and disseminate relevant data, opportunities, and key influencer information.
  • Pricing: $$$$


  • What it is: Social media monitoring and analytics combined with social engagement for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Good For: Comprehensive Facebook campaigns with a focus on contests, sweepstakes, and customizable Facebook applications with an emphasis on building audiences and converting leads. Meltwater is also helpful inmonitoring real time engagement and tracking social media conversions.
  • Added bonus: It has a built in content curation tool.
  • Pricing: Unlisted

Tracking Key Influencers


  • What it is: Hashtag tracking, topical influencer measurement, and conversation monitoring for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • What it’s good for: Real time hashtag and keyword tracking, with the option to nest multiple keywords in one track to make data as specific or broad as possible. Keyhole also provides information on the ranking of top influencers, demographics within a keyword, and other relevant/active hashtags. Once you’ve set up the keywords you’d like to track, Keyhole will also maintain historical data.
  • Added bonus: Expanded influencer marketing tool in the works that will include metrics on influencer affinity to competitors and segmented conversations that fostered engagement with that influencer.
  • Important to note: Expansion of the influencer marketing tool is still in development.
  • Pricing: $$


  • What it is: Social listening tool that focuses on hashtag and influencer monitoring as well as engagement to help grow your online presence.
  • What it’s good for: Audience analysis of current followers, including a detailed breakdown of other interests on top of basic demographics. Twtrland also provides brand mention monitoring and analysis, focusing on activity, amplification, and engagement. To top it off, you’ll find competitor and influencer identification and monitoring to analyze separately or tied into keyword and hashtag monitoring.
  • Added bonus: Management of onsite influencer list to track progress.
  • Important to note: Twtrland allows you to log in with your brand’s profiles and respond directly through the platform to relevant conversations.
  • Pricing: $


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