Nonprofit Social Media Measurement

4 Steps For Implementing a Successful Nonprofit Social Media Measurement Strategy

When it comes to social media, there are two important words to remember: “Measure everything.” That may seem like a daunting task, but the rewards always outweigh the small input needed to set up the appropriate tracking methods.

A thoughtful nonprofit social media measurement strategy is a must for every organization making use of social media; having a detailed reporting structure, as well as a process for analysis are necessary to determine which future social media tactics will help achieve both your digital and organizational goals. Below are four steps that will help guide your nonprofit in developing and executing a successful social media measurement strategy:

1.  Plan

Determine specific weekly, monthly and quarterly social media goals for your organizations that will help build a foundation to meet larger organizational goals. For example, setting a goal to increase the size of your social audiences by 5% may complement a larger organizational goal of increasing the size of your advocate and donor lists. When solidifying these goals, make sure to establish deliverable expectations across all departments within your organization.

2.  Measure

Based on these goals, what are the metrics (also known as KPI’s, key performance indicators) that will need to be tracked in order to determine success? Set up a dashboard so that these metrics can be easily tracked on a weekly or monthly basis. Also, make sure to utilize UTM tracking to track website referrals and goal completions from your social channels via Google Analytics.

3.  Analyze

On a monthly basis, take time to analyze the data your organization has collected. What valuable insight are you able to gain in terms of how your audience is behaving? Which content seems to be resonating the most? Which platforms are performing the best? Identify trends, insights and story lines within the data.

4.  Optimize

Tweak or create a new social strategy based on insights from your analysis. Always continue to test (types of content, audience segments, etc.), and use segmentation whenever possible to isolate variables.  This will help keep cost-per-acquisition low for paid social campaigns, and help determine future tactics to make sure your nonprofit meets its digital and organizational goals.

Then, wash, rinse, repeat!

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