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3 Time Saving Tips for Nonprofit Social Media Marketing

“I don’t have time.” Chances are, if you work in nonprofit social media marketing, you’ve probably said this a few times too many. With resources stretched thin, time is a valuable and elusive resource for nonprofits, which means that important tasks, such as tending to your social media networks, can get shoved aside. Instead of letting social media fall by the wayside, use these three tips to help execute your team’s nonprofit social media strategy efficiently and effectively—and maybe even save some time for an afternoon coffee in the process.

1. Utilize content-finding tools.

Finding the right content to distribute to your audience on your social networks can be incredibly time consuming. Wouldn’t it be nice if the content you were looking for fell right into your lap? Turns out it can, with a little prep work.

Google Alerts are a great resource for delivering the right content, and it comes right to your inbox. Identify keywords or phrases that relate to your organization’s work, and set up alerts to have relative news articles or blogs delivered to your email. You can adjust settings like volume and frequency to get the best results.

nonprofit social media

If you already have a list of go-to news sources where you find great, shareable content, set up a Feedly account to easily review the latest content from these sources. Additionally, you can create a Twitter list of handles that you typically share content from, making it easy to review and retweet.

2. Plan ahead.

While it pays to be “in the moment” on social media, chances are high that your organization has “evergreen” content—content that can be shared at any time. We encourage our clients to utilize a content calendar, where they can draft + store evergreen social media posts, and mark down important announcements or events. Content calendars are especially great tools for staff to collaborate on content ideas or approve content for posting.

3. Schedule posts.

Instead of worrying about finding time to get online to post, why not utilize the time that you are online to schedule your organization’s social media posts? Most social media platforms have easy-to-use scheduling tools embedded in their platforms. Additionally, third-party platforms, such as Hootsuite, Sprout, Buffer, and, link up to your organization’s social media accounts and offer scheduling tools to make posting simple and easy.


Are you still struggling to find time to execute your organization’s social media? Consider reallocating staff hours or assingments. Our favorite solution? Hire MediaCause to help you with your nonprofit marketing needs.

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Tips for Nonprofits on Social Media


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