17 Powerful Images from the Boston Climate Strike

Article originally published by Maggie Rakovic on Medium.

On Friday, September 20, 2019, I had the honor of attending the global youth-led climate strike in my home base — Boston. I’m lucky enough to work for a company (Media Cause) that not only encouraged those of us who wanted to attend, but went the extra mile and provided us with some “out of office” language suggestions. As I set my OOO, I had no idea that for the rest of the day I’d be completely covered in goosebumps from the inspirational event that I was about to become a part of.

I’ve tried to do justice to this historic event here, through some moving images.

Stroller Striker. | Greeted by a young girl and Elmo.

Climate change is. | Early-bird strikers use the morning to make signs.

Humans. | Welcomed by humans raising their voices for their home.

Works of art. | Children are proud to show off their signs to the crowds.
Now. | Now was a reoccurring keyword used on climate strikers’ signs.
Generations. | Adults joined the youth to raise their voices in unison.
Climate Criminal | Strikers got creative with their signs and listened as speakers took the stage.
S.O.S | Young girls found elevated surfaces to share their message to the crowd.
Sign language. | Climate marchers shared their signs with onlookers and some sent messages back.
History meets history. | General Joseph Hooker overlooks the Climate Strike as it approaches the MA State House.
Dr. Seuss | One of the youngest Boston Climate Strikers.
Destination. | Young students demand climate action in front of the State House.
Zero-emissions vehicle. | Two girls take a zero-emissions vehicle home.


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