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12 Days of Goodness

Our clients are spreading cheer like it’s their job.

Because it is. And our job at media cause is to develop the strongest digital strategies to help them do it. Join us for 12 Days of Goodness – a celebration of all the good our clients are creating in the world.

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Day 1: One more Mentor, One more Grad


The Good Fight: Find Mentors That Match the Mission

iMentor believes in the power of relationships to transform a young person’s life. By matching every student in a high school with a college-educated mentor, iMentor is opening up opportunities for young people to succeed in high school and become the first in their families to attend college.

A Good Strategy: Facebook Strategy for Lead Acquisition

Understanding the power of matching young people with positive, relatable role models, we developed a persona marketing strategy to recruit college-educated millennial men as potential mentors, with a special emphasis on men of color. The resulting insights were leveraged into a Facebook advertising campaign and automated lead nurturing series via email with significant success.

The Good News:

  • Cost per lead reduced by 30%
  • 20% of leads captured have already started the application

Our partnership with Media Cause has been a success on many levels. The team worked closely with us to bolster our traditional recruitment efforts, by anchoring these with a strategic and well-informed plan for digital advertising and social media engagement. We couldn’t be happier with the results!

— Danielle Toussaint , Managing Director, Communications, iMentor

iMentor impact

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Day 2: Driving Stability and Peace for Kurdistan

Kurdistan 101

The Good Fight: Creating a Social Community to Drive Social Change

The Kurdish Project is a collaborative effort to educate people on Kurdish values, culture and history to create a better understanding of the people of Kurdistan. Creating a non-political resource for all things Kurdistan drives understanding, compassion and the foundation of a social movement.

A Good Strategy: Facebook Interest Targeting for New Reader Acquisition

Facebook interest targeting parameters allow us to find people interested in relevant issues like MidEast policy, gender equality and current political affairs. While we continuously acquire thousands of new followers monthly, we are especially impressed with the quality of sustained engagement in new fans.

The Good News:

  • Increased reach on Twitter by 99% and grew audience by 75% over past 6 months
  • Organic website sessions have grown by over 3,000% since March 2015

“I just wanted you to know how thankful I am for my association with you this past year and for your tremendous work on building Kurdish-American bridges. It’s a worthy accomplishment and something to be truly thankful for.”

— Fred Khosravi, Founder of The Kurdish Project

Kurdish Project Facebook post

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Day 3 of Goodness: Tech Innovation to Fight Child Exploitation

Thorn website

The Good Fight: Combining Brains and Power to Combat Child Sexual Exploitation

Thorn partners across private industry, government, NGO’s and the general public to drive technology innovation to fight child sexual exploitation.

A Good Strategy: Reframe and Redesign to Grow the Tech Community

Media Cause redesigned the Thorn website focusing on recruiting more tech professionals to join the Thorn mission. Reframing the issue to be more approachable, providing new acquisition tools for lead generation and highlighting the newly launched Innovation Lab helped Thorn add talent to aid in their mission.

The Good News:

  • Increased organic search traffic by 31%
  • Increased email acquisition by 106%

“It is hard to find external partners who adopt your brand and your work and truly make it their own, but that is what we have found with Media Cause. They think like core owners of the Thorn mission and deliver incredible work as a result.”

— Julie Cordua, CEO, Thorn

Thorn website 2

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Day 4 of Goodness: Producing Tomorrow’s Environmental Problem Solvers

Unity College email signup

The Good Fight: Empowering Environmental Leaders

Unity College provides more than just an exceptional education; it gives its students the tools they need to help solve the world’s most pressing environmental problems, while instilling a sense of moral responsibility to make the world a better place.

A Good Strategy: Integrated Marketing for Lead Acquisition

We developed an integrated marketing approach to grow the number of spring transfer applicants from surrounding New England. Working in conjunction with on-campus events, we utilized hyper-targeted messaging to pinpoint the students we were looking for through Facebook advertising, and promoted private consultations with an admissions counselor.

The Good News:

  • Cost per lead reduced by 55%
  • Click-through rate 437% higher than college average

“Media Cause has helped us grow our brand nationally. They are an incredible creative team and hard-working team, and I can’t imagine undertaking any new marketing initiatives without them.”

— Alecia Sudmeyer, Director of Marketing and Communications, Unity College

Working with Unity College has been an inspiring look into how higher education can be a powerful way to combat environmental issues, such as climate change.

Unity College Facebook Post

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Day 5 of Goodness: Ending Violence Against Women, Children and Families

teen dating violence signs

The Good Fight: Empowering People to Build Healthy Relationships

Futures Without Violence provides groundbreaking programs, policies and campaigns that empower
individuals and organizations working to end violence against women and children around the world.

A Good Strategy: Social Content to Rally and Engage Supporters

We leverage key events to rally supporters around their mission. By sharing relevant content, capitalizing upon successful Facebook features (such as native video), and creating sharable graphics, we give supporters an easy way to spread the FWV mission.

The Good News:

  • Organic Facebook audience growth increased by 25% in the past year
  • Over 60% increase in Facebook audience engagement

“Media Cause goes above and beyond to ensure that we’re putting out content that resonates with our audience. This dedicated, data-driven approach works. Our supporters are responding–whether it’s signing a digital petition to influence change, donating to support our organization, or simply sharing their point of view on social media.”

— Lauren Brisbo, Communications and Digital Media Manager, Futures Without Violence

Working with Futures Without Violence has been an inspiring example of how communities can be a powerful catalyst for social change.

Futures Without Violence Teach Him Early Facebook Video

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Day 6 of Goodness: Fighting Arthritis Together

Arthritis Power Microsite

The Good Fight: Bringing Arthritis to its Knees

CreakyJoints is an international online arthritis patient community, founded by the Global Healthy Living Foundation. More than 75,000 people with all forms of arthritis and their families have been touched by CreakyJoints, which provides meaningful support, updates and education, innovative advocacy and global patient-centered research projects.

A Good Strategy: A Digital Recruitment Strategy to Further Arthritis Research

In mid-2015, Media Cause helped CreakyJoints launch its ground-breaking initiative called Arthritis Power, a first of its kind research registry that allows individuals with arthritis and related conditions to donate their data for research. We created and executed a digital recruitment strategy, which included developing a microsite, using AdGrants and social media ads to drive registrations, and advising on email and social content.

The Good News:

  • Arthritis Power currently has 1,791 active users reporting symptoms and contributing to research
  • 46% of leads captured were referred by our efforts on Facebook and Twitter, 10% from AdGrants

“Media Cause’s expertise, advice and support greatly improved our ability to reach our target audience with our messaging, to efficiently analyze what was working, improve what wasn’t and to showcase the results.”

— David Curtis, VP of Technology, CreakyJoints, Global Healthy Living Foundation

Working with CreakyJoints has been an inspiring look into how growing and mobilizing online communities can have a big impact on collective research efforts.

CreakyJoints Facebook post

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Day 7 of Goodness: Eradicating the World’s Water Crisis

Water4 Fight For The Forgotten

The Good Fight: Putting the Solution in the Hands of the People

Water4 trains local men and women to drill their own water wells and install their own hand pumps. As a result, these trained teams have not only a vocation and means to provide for themselves and their families, but also the tools and skills to bring safe drinking water to their own communities.

A Good Strategy: Utilizing Timely Events to Drive Donations

Water4 has several great partners, including MMA fighter Justin Wren. In August 2015, Justin dedicated a fight to the Pygmies, a group of people in the Democratic Republic of Congo that Water4 was serving. We identified Justin Wren’s fight as an opportunity to bring in donations, and quickly leveraged social media and AdGrants, turning this timely event into a major donation campaign.

The Good News:

  • Water4 received more donations in August 2015 than the rest of the year combined
  • AdGrants drove 4x more donations in August than any other month

“Beyond community growth, the insights Media Cause has been able to provide about our constituency and what inspires them has driven more effective, targeted messaging for Water4. Understanding how to better connect with our fans is literally helping us solve the world water crisis.”

— Angie LaPaglia, Brand Team Member, Water4

Working with Water4 has been an empowering example of how online efforts can drive major impact in other parts of the world.

Water4 Fight For The Forgotten Facebook Post

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Day 8 of Goodness: Living Happier and Healthier With Diabetes

DiaTribe 10 commandments for diabetes Facebook Post

The Good Fight: Empowering People with Diabetes to Live Happier, Healthier Lives

The diaTribe Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of people with diabetes and prediabetes, and advocating for action.

A Good Strategy: Growing the Email List to Help Diabetes Patients

To grow the number of people that diaTribe helps through its free online publication, Media Cause developed and executed a strategy to grow diaTribe’s email list. We advised in the development of three email capture landing pages that were based on high-volume keywords and managed social and AdGrants ads to drive traffic to these pages.

The Good News:

  • Grew average number of new monthly subscribers by 377%
  • AdGrants and Facebook ads referred 65% of total new subscribers

“Our work with Media Cause has been absolutely invaluable in helping us expand our organization’s reach and positively impact the lives of more people with diabetes. While digital marketing is a complex and ever-evolving field — particularly for nonprofit organizations — Media Cause continues to make it both simple and effective.”

— Alex Wolf, Program Manager, diaTribe

DiaTribe 10 commandments for people with diabetes

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Day 9 of Goodness: Creating a Better Future for Birds and Wildlife

Cornell Lab help birds

The Good Fight: Protecting Bird Species for Years to Come

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is a world leader in the study, appreciation, and conservation of birds.

A Good Strategy: Fundraising Strategy to Cultivate Supporters

Media Cause developed and executed a multi-touch point strategy to grow the Cornell Lab’s supporter base. Utilizing Google Ad Grants, email marketing and Facebook advertising campaigns, we helped grow their email list, increase the number of platforms amongst users, and increase their overall giving year after year.

The Good News:

  • Increased size of email list from 180,000 to 1.2 MILLION
  • Tripled online giving over 3 year period

“As the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s digital marketing partner for more than five years, Media Cause has created thoughtful, data-driven strategies that have helped the Cornell Lab grow its email list and soar beyond its online fundraising goals year over year.”

— Melissa Tinklepaugh, Manager of Online Fundraising, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Our extensive work with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology has not only reminded us of the value of cultivating supporters, but of the amazing impact a network of passionate conservationists can have.

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Day 10 of Goodness: Fighting Mental Illness with Support, Education and Hope

DBSA Greater Houston

The Good Fight: Envisioning Wellness for Those With Depression and Bipolar Disorder

DBSA Greater Houston provides free and confidential support groups for individuals living with, or family and friends affected by, depression and bipolar disorders in the Greater Houston area. They also educate and provide resources to the community about mental health.

A Good Strategy: Utilizing AdGrants to Drive Users to Onsite Support

To increase awareness, engagement, and website traffic, Media Cause activated a comprehensive AdGrants strategy. By developing search campaigns with informative content, exploring conversion opportunities and executing conversion tracking, we redirected users to support group pages, a primary goal of the organization.

The Good News:

  • Increased page views on support group pages by 301%
  • Increased overall number of website users by 330%

“I can’t thank Media Cause enough for helping to fulfill our mission by launching our organization to the next level and helping people find our services.”

— Jennifer Strich, Vice President of Programs, DBSA Greater Houston

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Day 11 of Goodness: Protecting the Environment Through Grassroots Action

NRDC save the arctic Facebook post

The Good Fight: Safeguarding the Resource on Which All Life Depends

One of the nation’s most powerful, environmental groups, the Natural Resource Defense Council protects our air, land, and water from the forces of pollution and corporate greed.

A Good Strategy: Building an Online Community of Environmental Activists

For more than three years, Media Cause has worked to grow and develop NRDC’s social presence. Through curating and promoting environmentally-focused news content and promoting issue-based campaigns, such as saving honeybees, banning fracking or removing antibiotics from the meat supply, we have built an active, engaged base of supporters dedicated to urgent environmental action.

The Good News:

  • Grew Twitter audience by 18% in 2015
  • Grew Facebook audience to 544,000
  • Avg. post reach is 400% higher than industry average

Another great example of success: This fall, we helped NRDC amplify a public outcry against Shell’s Arctic drilling plans. Soon after, Shell retreated from the Arctic and even blocked NRDC from posting about them. An incredible win!

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Day 12 of Goodness: Giving Educators the Tools They Need to Make a Difference

Graphite tips and tools for math learning

The Good Fight: Helping Educators Discover the Best Learning Tools for Their Students

Graphite is a free service from Common Sense Media, the largest, independent nonprofit organization committed to helping kids, teachers, and families manage media and technology in life and learning. Their technology education curriculum is being used in more than 55,000 schools across the U.S.

A Good Strategy: An AdGrants Strategy for Enhanced Learning

Graphite came to us in August 2015 with specific Ad Grants goals and targets they wanted us to help them reach. After a careful study and analysis of their account and analytics, we executed a laser-like strategy to achieve and far surpass their goals. Using optimization strategies like adjusting CPCs, strategically allocating budget, optimizing delivery methods and prioritizing their most important campaigns, we dramatically increased sessions to their site.

The Good News:

  • Increased site traffic by 846%
  • Increased click-through rate by 116%

“We are so excited by the rapid and clear progress Media Cause has been able to make in really moving our AdWords campaign back into a high gear.”

— Liana Holmberg, Senior Product Manager, Graphite


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